Ashley Greene för DKNY Fall 2012

DKNY har nu släppt fler bilder på Ashley där hon medellar för deras nya höstkollektion! Älskar verkligen bilderna, Ashley är så sjukt vacker!! Ni kan se två behind the scenes videos här och här. Vad tycker ni om bilderna?

Fler nya annonser på Ashley för DKNY Fall 2012!

Sneak peek på Ashley för DKNY Fall 2012!

JustJared har en exklusiv ny titt på Ashley för de nya DKNY Fall 2012 annonserna som kommer börjas publiceras i  tidningar i augusti!

Check out Ashley Greene in DKNY‘s Fall 2012 ad campaign! got an exclusive sneak peek of the 25-year-old actress posing for photographer Peter Lindbergh before the pics hit magazines this August.

The inspiration for the shoot? “Fall 2012 is a collection made for a true city girl who has places to go and people to see. Sweet and strong, pretty and tough, smart and street, this season’s campaign voyeuristically and strikingly documents a slice of Ashley Greene’s life in the city,” according to the brand.

Ashley hit NYC’s 5th Avenue, 75th Street, Battery Park, and Tribeca for the Fall photos. Last season, she posed on the roof of the Waldorf Astoria.

For more of Ashley‘s ad campaign, check out later this evening!


Ny intervju med Teen Vouge om Twilight & CBGB

Teen Vouge intervjuade Ashley förra veckan på Samsung eventet i New York och frågade bl.a om hennes nya film CBGB och hur hon känner nu när Twilight snart är över.

How did you get involved in hosting this Samsung event?
“Samsung sent me the Galaxy S III, and I saw everything that the phone could do. They asked me to host the event, and I was really excited about it! My mind was blown. It has Google technology and allows you to access everything from your computer on your phone. The event is also for a good cause. They donated $1.5 million dollars to the World Wildlife Fund, which is incredible. It’s always nice to mix a good cause with something that’s fun and exciting.”

Do you know what you’d like to wear on the red carpet for the Breaking Dawn Part 2 premieres? As the face of DKNY Jeans, we often see you in Donna Karan.
“Yes, DKNY is so young and fun, and I have access to Donna Karan, who is such an amazing, incredible woman. To have someone send me sketches and allow me to collaborate and be a part of that process is very cool. We’ve scheduled some meetings, and we’re all going to bounce ideas back and forth. I told them that I want a lot of floor-length gowns on the red carpet because there are only certain events that you can wear them to. It’s all about femininity and glamour with Donna Karan.”

How does it feel to wrap up the Twilight series?
“It’s a mixture of emotions. It’s exciting that I get to move on and take this platform that Twilight gave me and jump off of it. Twilightis incredible, but it’s time-consuming. We shot for seven months last time. I think that after the premieres are over is when it’s really going to hit us. Talk to me in a few months and I’ll probably be sobbing.”

Congrats on getting cast in CBGB! It’s getting great buzz. Can you tell us about your role?
“I’m playing Lisa Kristal, Hilly’s Crystal’s daughter—he started CBGB [the famed New York music club]. I’m Skyping with Lisa on Sunday—she’s actually alive and a real person, and that’s a little intimidating. She gave me her signature of approval to play her, so that’s a good start. She’s a tough woman. She handled a lot of the finances and has this really tough-love relationship with father. I’m excited to be able to play a character that is so strong.”

You also have The Apparition coming out this summer!
“Yes, it’s coming out at the end of August. It’s my first studio lead. It’s about a couple being haunted by a paranormal presence. You see the trials and tribulations that the characters have under this kind of pressure. It’s definitely scary. I don’t know if I would see it if I wasn’t in it, but I’m excited to scare people!”


Blandade nya fanbilder med Ashley

Det har kommit ut några nya fanbilder med Ashley som folk lagt upp på twitter! Två av bilderna är från Samsung Galaxy eventet i torsdags; den ena är tillsammans med svenske Sebastian Ingrosso från Swedish House Mafia och den andra ät tilsammans med Stephen Curry. Dem andra två bilderna är från i fredags när Ashley var ute med sin pojkvän Reeve i New York.

Rösta på Ashley på Teen Choice Awards!

Ashley är nominerad till en Teen Choice Award! Hon är nominerad i kategorin  Best Female Scene Stealer för hennes roll som Alice i Breaking Dawn Part 1. Ni kan rösa på deras hemsida här, men man måste vara medlem. Ashley kommer att vara på galan i Los Angeles söndagen den 22 juli så se till att rösta så hon vinner en surfbräda ;)

MTV Style intervju med Ashley från Samsung Galaxy SIII eventet

MTV Style intervjuade Ashley på Samsung Galaxy Slll eventet som hon höll i New York i torsdags. Ashley pratar bl.a om sin klädstil och hennes nya film CBGB!

MTV STYLE: So I want to automatically and probably foolishly assume your girl Donna Karan made your uh-mazing dress...
ASHLEY GREENE: It's actually Pucci! It's beautiful. It's very fun I think. There's something a little edgy about it but it's so classic. I'm obsessed. I saw it and was like, "Ok, I need to wear that!" And luckily, it zipped right up and it fit, which is always a very nice feeling.

Your stylist, Cristina Ehrlich, must be really hooked up with the red carpet designer lewks!
My stylist makes finding a dress for something really easy because she usually pulls two or three racks of amazing dress after amazing dress. But you know how they always say, "The first one you usually gravitate toward is the one you'll end up wearing"? So, usually I'll try on a dress and think it's incredible, but then try on other stuff and then I always end up going back to the first dress.

Let's talk about your day-to-night beauty regimen rituals a.k.a how you are so beautiful at all times.
My beauty regimen honestly consists of more than just product. I get photographed everyday coming from the gym so I think everyone knows I go to the gym a lot. I work out in what happens to be a very hot room where it's about 90 degrees. So I sweat a lot and I think it kind of cleanses you from all of the impurities. And then lots and lots of water. I drink alkaline water. I think those are two of the bigger things because a lot of it is what you put inside your body. At least for me, my body responds really quickly—if I eat a bunch of sugar, I'm gonna break out. I do wash my face twice a day. I always wear sunblock, always wear moisturizer. You should use false tanners even though it's not the best, but it's better than getting wrinkles. I usually try not to wear much makeup, unless it's for events. But I didn't have a speck of makeup on yesterday or today until they put it on for this. I think it's very important to let your skin breathe and to allow yourself to see yourself without makeup on. I do feel like you get used to seeing yourself glammed up and then you're not as comfortable in your own skin. It's a dangerous thing in our industry because you're always glamor, and you take it off and you're like, "Ohhh. That's what I look like?" Mascara is one of my favorite things, but I'm pretty minimal when it comes to makeup in my everyday life.

If you could raid any pop princess' closet, who would it be and why?
I do think that Katy Perry's would be really fun. You wouldn't really know what you'd find in there. I think everything in her closet would be something I didn't have, so it'd be an interesting way to kind of switch things up and incorporate different things into my wardrobe.

How about an actress?
I would raid Sienna Miller's closet. I just saw she has these new Susan boots. I have them in red and I really want them in black—I would definitely steal them from her closet. She always looks really put together and amazing but always really effortless.

So I know you rock some designer lewks, but for us broke bitches, tell us WHERE do you get your retail chain shopping-sprees on?
I love Topshop. And I just went to Urban the other day. They always have cute little dresses. American Apparel is good for me for basics. And there's a store called Aritzia that I'm obsessed with.

So, you're starring in the much-buzzed about film about New York's iconic rock n' roll venue, CBGB. I'm expecting major '70s style, girl. Are you more of a Debbie Harry or a Patti Smith? And how excited are you for that wardrobe?!
I think I'm more of a Debbie Harry. It's gonna be cool! The character I'm playing is the owner's daughter, and she handles all of the finances and kind of runs all of the business side of CBGB. She's tough, you know? She's a New Yorker. I haven't really played a character like that, so I'm excited to step out of my comfort zone. But also, as far as the wardrobe, I know it's going to be so vastly different from what I'm used to. I like stuff like that because it forces you to take yourself out of your box and wear things you wouldn't necessarily wear. I find that after every film I work on I incorporate my character's style into my style—and usually end up taking something!

What do you look for in a potential BF's style?
I think for me, it's all about them being comfortable in what they're wearing and being original and being themselves. If I see a shirt, and I'm like, "You'd look great in this!" I'd do the same thing with my brother. But I would never wanna dictate someone else's style because then I feel like it's not their style—it's my interpretation of what their style should be. Just someone being true to who they are.

Music time! What's the last music you purchased off iTunes?
I definitely downloaded the Fun. album and the Gotye album. I downloaded a bunch of '90s music. I downloaded the TLC album—I play "Creep" in all of my photo-shoots now.


Ashley pratar om sina nya film CBGB!

E! News intervjuade Ashley på lanseringen av Samsung Galaxy SIII i onsdags på Skylight Studios i New York, där hon för första gången pratar om sin nya film CBGB! Ashley börjar filma nästa vecka, den 25 juni.

Ashley Greene is well aware that the stakes are high when you portray a real, living person on the big screen (as opposed to the undead, like her Twilight character Alice Cullen).

The 25-year-old actress stars as Lisa Kristal in the upcoming CBGB, a film about New York City’s iconic nightclub. Greene plays the fiery daughter of Hilly Kristal, the man who owned the institution that was so influential in the punk scene from 1973 until its closing in 2005.

“It’s a little nerve-racking to play someone who existed, who’s a real person that’s still alive,” Greene told E! News at the Samsung Galaxy SIII launch Wednesday night at Skylight Studios New York. “You’re like, ‘Oh, they can yell at me if I do a bad job!’ But it’s going to be cool to get to talk to her about it and [learn about] personal experiences from her.”

And Greene is doing her due diligence when it comes to preparing for the role…

“I get to Skype with [Lisa Kristal] on Sunday!” she gushed. “I’m really excited about that…She’s kind of amazing.”

“It’s going to be a fun adventure for me because I haven’t really played someone who is that tough yet,” Greene explained. “I want to make sure I get it right without making her—she’s not a bitch! She’s just very…she’s a New Yorker. They have a specific personality and air about them. They’re survivors.”

Greene said that the character she plays had a “tough-love” relationship with her father, who “had a great ear for music and talent…but wasn’t necessarily the best at running a business.” It was Lisa who was “the one that comes in and says, ‘OK, you have to actually run a company. You need to charge people money when you say you’re going to’…She is smart, driven and very tough.”

And of course, as excited as she is about her upcoming role, she’s going to miss her Twilight days.

“It is very comfortable and familiar,” she said. “On any other film, there’s nerves—it’s like going to school the first day. You don’t know what’s going to happen, but it’s nice [with the Twilight films]—you can go and you’re comfortable with the people and your character. You really kind of just let go and play.”

“I feel like I knew Alice inside and out,” she added with a smile. “I’m going to miss that. Playing Alice was a very positive time in my life…There’s no negativity [with her]. She’s a very sweet, very positive, good-natured vampire.”


Ashley hostar Samsung Galaxy SIII Launch i New York

Igår (20 juni) hostade Ashley lanseringen av den nya Samsung Galaxy SIIISkylight Studios i New York! Bilder från eventet finns nu ute som ni kan se nedan.

Ashley landar på JFK flygplatsen i New York

Ashley tog igår (19 Juni) planet från Los Angeles till New York där hon sågs landa på JFK flygplats lite senare under dagen. Ashley kommer bl.a att vara på Samsung’s Galaxy S III Premiere Party imorgon!

Officiell trailer för Breaking Dawn Part 2!

Den första officiella trailern för Breaking Dawn Part 2 har nu kommit ut!!

Ashley på LAX flygplats - 19 juni

Ashley sågs till på LAX flygplats i Los Angeles tidigare idag (19 juni) tillsammans med sin hund Marlo. Förmodligen skulle hon ta flyget tillbaka till New York!


Ny still från filmen The Apparition

10 sekunders smygtitt på Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailern!

Summit har släppt en 10 sekunders smygtitt på Breaking Dawn Part 2 trailern som kommer att släppas imorgon, onsdag! Kl. 14.30 imorgon svensk tid kommer trailern alltså att släppas, så håll utkik!

Filmar i Coldwater Canyon Park, Beverly Hills - 17 juni

Ashley var igår i Coldwater Canyon Park i Beverly Hills där hon filmade en ny intervju tillsammans med Laura Brown som jobbar på tidningen Harper's Bazaar. Kanske är det en intervju för ett kommande nummer eller för deras hemsida? Ni kan se fler bilder här!

Två nya intervjuer från Young Hollywood Awards

The 24 Hour Plays: Los Angeles- A Benefit For Urban Arts Partnership

Igår (16 juni) var Ashley på The 24 Hour Plays: Los Angeles - A Benefit For Urban Arts Partnership i Los Angeles där hon gjorde sin scendebut! Hon spelade en sjuksköterska i en av pjäserna. Bl.a Jessica Szohr Brooklyn Decker och Ashley Fink var också där och spalde i de olika pjäserna. Bilder på Ashley från photocallet och några bilder från scenen finns nu ute!


Lämnar Trader Joe's i West Hollywood - 14 juni

Ashley och en vän sågs lämna mataffären Trader Joe's i West Hollywood igår (14 juni) tidigare på dagen innan Ashley begav sig till Young Hollywood Awards. Ni kan se fler bilder här!

MaximoTV intervju från Young Hollywood Awards

14th Annual Young Hollywood Awards

Igår hostade Ashley 14th Annual Young Hollywood Awards i Los Angeles där hon även tog emot priset Female Superstar of Tomorrow! Ashley var jättefin klädd i en svart outfit av Donna Karan. Se fler bilder på Ashley uppe på scenen under galan här och bilder från efterfesten här. Ni kan också se några fanbilder med Ashley från galan här!


Lämnar Toast Restaurant i Los Angeles med en vän

Ashley sågs lämna Toast Restaurant i Los Angeles igår (13 juni) tillsammans med en vän och sina två hundar Marlo och Theo. Ni kan se fler bilder här! Senare på kvällen var hon också på Bagatelle i West Hollywood och ni kan se bilderna här.


Med en vän på The Den Bar i West Hollywood

Efter att ha tagit flyget från New York så Ashley var igår på The Den Bar Sunset Blvd i West Hollywood, Los Angeles tillsammans med en vän.

Ashley på JFK och LAX flygplats - 12 juni

Igår (12 juni) sågs Ashley på JFK flygplatsen i New York tillsammans med sin pojkvän Reeve Carney. Hon skulle ta flyget hem till Los Angeles där hon sedan några timmar senare sågs på LAX flygplats. Ashley kommer att hosta 14th Annual Young Hollywood Awards imorgon i L.A!


Dagens bild

Ashley att spela huvudrollen i filmen CBGB!

Varitey rapporterar att Ashley har landat huvudrollen i den kommande filmen CBGB! Filmen handlar om historien om den inflytelserika musikscenen i New York och dess inverkan på punkrocken. Ashley kommer att spela Lisa Kristal, dotter till CBGB ägaren Hilly Kristal, som kommer att spelas av Alan Rickman. Lisa Kristal är en brinnande ung kvinna som ofta bråkar med sin far, men som börjar arbeta som Business Manager på hans klubb.

Andra skådespelare som är med i filmen är bl.a Rupert Grint, Alan Rickan, Malin Åkerman och Johnny Galecki. Mer information om filmen kommer upp på bloggen så snart det fins ute!

Ashley Greene, who plays Alice Cullen in the blockbuster "Twilight Saga," has landed the female lead in Randall Miller's "CBGB," the story of the influential New York music venue and its impact on the punk rock scene. Greene is in talks to play Lisa Kristal, the daughter of CBGB owner Hilly Kristal, who will be played by Alan Rickman.

Script depicts the younger Kristal as a fiery young woman who frequently clashes with her father but ends up working as the business manager of his club. She later attended law school to help her dad keep CBGB afloat before it shuttered in 2008. Kristal, who is now known as Lisa Kristal Burgman, controls the estate and is onboard to co-produce the indie pic.

Malin Akerman ("Rock of Ages") is set to co-star as Blondie singer Debbie Harry, while the rest of the ensemble includes Rupert Grint, Johnny Galecki, Stana Katic, Joel David Moore, Peter Vack, Kerry Bische, Taylor Hawkins, Mickey Sumner, Steven Schub and Evan Alex Cole.

Miller is directing from a script he co-wrote with Jody Savin. Miller and Savin's Unclaimed Freight Prods. will produce with Brad Rosenberger, the former senior VP of Warner-Chappell Music. Kristal's daughter, Lisa Kristal Burgman, controls the estate and is onboard to co-produce. Shooting will start later this month in Savannah, GA. before the production moves to Gotham.

Greene will soon be seen alongside Jennifer Garner and Hugh Jackman in The Weinstein Company comedy "Butter." She also toplines Todd Lincoln's horror pic "The Apparition," which Warner Bros. and Dark Castle will release Aug. 24.

Greene is repped by Innovative Artists, McKeon-Myones Management and attorney Bianca Levin.


E! Online intervju med Ashley från CMT Awards

E! Online intervjuade Ashley på röda mattan på CMT Awards i Nashville igår, där hon bl.a pratar om vad för country musik hon lyssnar på och vad hon har för kommande projekt!


Wonderwall’s CMT Awards Photobooth


Ashley på 2012 CMT Awards i Nashville

Igår (6 juni) var Ashley på CMT Awards 2012 i Nashville, Tennessee där hon presenterade ett pris för bästa video sammarbete tillsammans med Jake Owen. Några bilder från galan har kommit ut och Ashley bär en klänning från Donna Karan.

Ashley att hosta 14th Annual Young Hollywood Awards!

Ashley kommer nästa vecka, den 14 juni, att vara host för årets Young Hollywood Awards i Los Angeles! Hon kommer även att tilldelas Superstar of Tomorrow-Female award av New Moon-regissören Chris Weitz!

Ashley Greene, January Jones, Miranda Cosgrove and more are heading to the YH Awards next week! has the exclusive announcement on who will be in attendance! The 14th Annual Young Hollywood Awards, presented by Bing, are just around the corner and we’ve got the exclusive first look at the winners and presenters for the star-studded event hosted by Ashley Greene!

The awards show will take place on June 14 in LA and we can’t wait! Some of our favorite stars will be in attendance like Miranda Cosgrove and January Jones and the ever-adorable Nolan Gould and Rico Rodriguez. Here’s a peek at the winners and presenters and be sure to check back for updates as we announce more surprise winners and guests!

Breakthrough Performance of the Year – Female: Aubrey Plaza presented by Jake Johnson

Cross-Over of the Year: Miranda Cosgrove

Superstar of Tomorrow-Male: Alex Pettyfer

Superstar of Tomorrow-Female: Ashley Greene presented by Chris Weitz

Scene Stealer- Female: Kiernan Shipka presented by January Jones

Scene Stealers – Male: Rico Rodriguez and Nolan Gould presented by Ed O’Neill

Style Icon: Ginny Goodwin

Veteran of the Year: James Van Der Beek presented by Kevin Williamson

Are you guys excited? Check in with or go to for more info as we get prepped for next week!


Ute för lunch i L.A och anländer till LAX flygplats

Ashley sågs ute i West Hollywood tidigare idag (5 juni) efter att ha hämtat upp lite lunch från Tender Geens. Senare under dagen var hon på LAX flygplats tillsammans med sin hund Marlo för att ta planet till Nashville där hon imorgon kommer vara på CMT Music Awards för att bl.a presentera ett pris!


Lämnar Tracy Anderson Method gymmet i Studio City

Ashley sågs lämna sitt gym, Tracy Anderson Method, i Studio City i Los Angeles igår (2 juni). I andra nyheter så är det idag MTV Movie Awards där bl.a Breaking Dawn är nominerad i några kategorier. Det är inte bekräftat om Ashley ska dit, men hon har varit där de senaste två åren så kanske kommer hon dyka upp i år också? Bilder kommer upp imorgon om hon dök upp!


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