Ashley's stylist Cristina Ehrlich pratar om hennes modestil

Ashleys stylist Cristina Ehrlich pratade nyligen med Hollywood Life och ger oss lite detaljer kring Ashleys modestil och hur hon väljer outfits till röda mattan samt om vad dem funderr på till Breaking Dawn promoturnén.

The woman behind the slew of stylish looks opened up about the star’s fashion sense — and the big promotional tour they’re gearing up for!

While I’m sure most Twi-hards can’t wait to see Breaking Dawn, I’m looking forward to the mega promotional tour — I love seeing all the stars get glam on the red carpet, especially Ashley Greene. Luckily, I got to chat with her stellar stylist and brand ambassador for Via Spiga,Cristina Ehrlich, who told us what we can expect to see on the star.

“Somebody like Ashley doesn’t need a lot,” Cristina said. “I’m very grateful that with her, we can put her in silhouettes that are very simple and she’s smart enough to know that they’re not boring — they’re simple and chic. You see a lot of young girls on the red carpet taking these big risks with colors and frills or cutouts and beading and I think they dress that way because they think more is more. I’m really flattered when the girls can trust that at the end of the day less is more. You don’t need to overdo it with the jewelry and makeup, you don’t want the dress to overtake the girl, especially someone as beautiful as Ashley. You should be able to see the beauty of Ashley and the dress is an accent.”

Cristina, who has been working with the star for a couple of years, said the pair is really working on Ashley’s evolving looks and developing the arc of her style. “Girls like Ashley are veterans of the red carpet, with all of the events and premieres they go to she’s growing up quick. I like when she feels excited about what she’s wearing, even if she’s trying something that may be new, it’s a win-win. It has been really fun with her because in the time I’ve been working for her I’ve introduced her to new designers and she trusts me, and at the same time I hear what shes feeling” she said.

Both the stylist and the star are having fun taking risks on the red carpet, while still gravitating towards classic elegance, just like Anne Hathaway! “Ashley’s a really young girl with a beautiful body and she’s got a great sense of style. I’m trying to find her silhouettes that stay, very classic, very feminine, and very fashion forward that are also very timeless. When talking about Ashley I could use Anne Hathaway as an example — she’s young, always looks beautiful, and knows how to take risks wearing different things and trying different designers but at the same time there’s something fluid about her looks.”


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ASHLEY MICHELE GREENE, född 21 februari 1987 i Jacksonville, Florida. Ashley är en amerikansk skådespelerska och modell. Hennes stora genomslag kom med rollen som vampyren "Alice" i The Twilight Saga.