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Nylon Photoshoot <3

LA Times artikel

The LA Times har en ny bra arikel om Eclipse och har pratat lite med skådespelarna om vad vi kan förvänta oss av karaktärerna i Eclipse! :)

The family that slays together, stays together.

At least that’s the case for the Cullen brood.

In “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” which hits theaters June 30, Seattle is ravaged by a series of killings caused by an army of newborn vampires controlled by revenge-seeking bloodsucker Victoria. To combat the threat against Bella ( Kristen Stewart) in this third installment of the franchise, the Cullens must band together and join forces with their sworn enemies, the wolf pack.

“The whole family is in a vulnerable position because of the love we have for Bella,” said Elizabeth Reaser, who plays matriarch Esme Cullen. “If she’s not OK, we’re not OK.”

In the past, we’ve seen the clan hit baseballs so hard that they can play only in a thunder storm, to block out the sound. And we’ve watched the buttoned-up human imposters welcome Bella into their home as the human girlfriend of one of their own — the handsome Edward.

“This time around, you get to see their true vampire-ness,” said Peter Facinelli, who plays head vampire Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the series based on the bestselling books by Stephenie Meyer.

What can we expect from the pale-faced Cullen family (which includes the Hale siblings) this go around? Here’s what the actors say audiences can expect from the story and their characters:

Facinelli: “For me, as Carlisle, it’s an exciting portion of the series. Carlisle is very compassionate and he has a lot of killing to do in this movie. I joke, after he kills the bad guys, he says he’s sorry in his head. And, you know, he’s calm and level-headed. He’s the rock of the family. He usually has a lot of information to draw from because Alice can see into the future and Edward can read minds. In this third movie, he’s not getting that information. Neither one of his sources are working, so he’s kind of flying blind.”

Ashley Greene (as Alice Cullen): “Yeah, she’s delicate and prissy at times, but Alice gets a little edgier with each installment. And with these vampires messing with her family and the people she loves, you’re going to see a bit of her toughness. It’s a reminder to the audience that even though we restrain ourselves at times, we’re still vampires and we’re dangerous. You’re going to see the dark, dangerous side of Alice.”

Jackson Rathbone (as Jasper Hale): “You’ll get to see a little bit of the root of what makes Jasper so withdrawn and quiet in the Cullen family. Fans will get some of Jasper’s back story in ‘Eclipse.’ I got to wear the whole Civil War gear and everything. There’s a bit of the softer and darker side of Jasper in this film.”


Breakning Dawn bekräftad!

Äntligen! Nu är det bekräftat att den sista delen i The Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn, ska bli film! Regissören blev till slut Bill Candon och Stephenie Meyer blir en av producenterna! :D

Los Angeles, CA April 28, 2010 – Summit Entertainment has confirmed that Academy Award® winner Bill Condon will direct THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN, based on the fourth novel in author Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series. THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN, is currently being written by Melissa Rosenberg, and will star Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. Wyck Godfrey, Karen Rosenfelt, and Stephenie Meyer will produce the project.

“Bringing Stephenie Meyer’s BREAKING DAWN to the screen requires a graceful and intelligent hand and we believe Bill Condon is exactly the right steward, having shown equal and abundant talents of immense creativity and subtle sensitivity,” said Erik Feig, President of Production and Acquisitions, for Summit Entertainment.

Added author Stephenie Meyer, “I’m so thrilled that Bill wants to work with us. I think he’s going to be a great fit, and I’m excited to see what he does with the material.”

“I’m very excited to get the chance to bring the climax of this saga to life on-screen. As fans of the series know, this is a one-of-a-kind book – and we’re hoping to create an equally unique cinematic experience,” said Bill Condon.

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN illuminates the secrets and mysteries of this spellbinding romantic epic that has entranced millions.

Condon is well known for writing and directing DREAMGIRLS, KINSEY, and GODS AND MONSTERS, for which he won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay in 1999. He was nominated for a second Oscar for his screenplay for the movie musical CHICAGO in 2003. Most recently the multi-hyphenate directed the pilot episode for the Showtime series “The Big C” and produced the 81st Annual Academy Awards telecast, hosted by Hugh Jackman.

The third film in the franchise, THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE is due in theaters on June 30, 2010.


Ashley - People's Most Beautiful

Ashley fick en välförtjänad plats över en av de vackraste
kvinnorna på People's Most Beautiful list! Grattis! ^^

Age 23
See her in: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, June 30

”My favorite feature is probably my eyes. My mom is always saying that you smile with your eyes, and if you look at someone and you’re speaking, you’re really engaging. When I’m acting, they’re kind of a big part of what I do.”

Osminkad photoshoot med Ash!

En okänd photoshoot med Ashley där hon är helt narturlig - det vill säga osminkad,
har kommit ut. Jag kan bara säga att hon är en absolut skönhet såväl som med smink som utan!! :D


Nylon scans

Här är scansen från Nylon Magazine!

Nylon behind the scenes

Här är en video från behind the scenes med Ashley när hon gjorde sin Nylon photoshoot!
Hon pratar b.la om att hon älskar humor och hur hon gillar att klä sig ;)

Se screen captures från videon här!

Odette Sugerman photoshoot

Ashley gjorde en photoshoot för Odette Sugerman, förra året 2009 och vi
får nu se det fantastiska resultatet! Love it!  ^^

Hoppas på otaggade bilder snart! ;)

Eclipse promobild

Änligen får vi se lite nytt som har med Twilight och Ashleys karaktär Alice att göra!
En ny promobild från kommande Eclipse har kommit ut! :)

Nylon Outtakes

Se fler bilder här!

Ashley är verkligen jättevacker på denna photoshoot som hon gjorde för
Nylon Magazine tillsammans med Vanessa Hudgens och Portia Doubleday! 

Ashley Greene, on Paparazzi: “Yeah, I know their cars. Bit there’s always people sitting outside my house. I put my own security system in my apartment because you have to worry about people getting a little too obsessed.”

Ashley Greene, on the new Young Hollywood: “We’re not all crazy! … I feel like that whole generation, that’s dying down now, thinks they’re higher than God and can do whatever they want. [Young Hollywood] now are people who really love the business.”

Before getting booked at Twilight:“There were a lot of little things along the way that happened just as my parents would say ‘Ok, its time to come home and go to college…So I built a resume that I could, you know, embellish a little.”

On Breaking Dawn: “If they make one, let’s be honest, I’m gonna do it.”

Ashley får Young Hollywood Award!

Kan man annat än vara glad för hennes skull? =)

Eclipse trailer!

Jag satt på helspänn hela tiden! Herreugd, bara två månader kvar nu!!!!
Vad tyckte ni om den? :D

I'm back!

Nu är jag tillbaka igen efter en riktigt besvärlig, kan man nog säga, vecka på sjukhuset! Jag har nämligen opererats och är på tillfriskningsvägen nu ;) Vilket innebar att jag såklart missat en massa! Eclipse trailern är ute och det har kommit ut nya bilder från Ashleys photoshoot med Nylon Magazine! Men jag ska ta igen det nu i några inlägg! 

I'm going

Nu sticker jag och kommer hem igen om en vecka ungefär. Därför blir det inga uppdateringar i veckan,
men jag vet att ni kan stå ut ändå, eftersom det finns så många Twilight bloggar t.ex som
ni kan överleva på, haha ;)
Hoppas ni för en skön vecka iaf så ses vi snart igen!

On the cover - Nylon Korea

Ashley är på famsidan av den koreanska tidningen Nylon tillsammans
med Vanessa Hugens och en annan tjej. Det ser ut som en ny bild dessutom!
Någon mer än jag som är nyfiken? :D

Ashley's Style

Såhär vill jag absolut gå klädd i sommar!
Tights, basic top, liten snygg väska, skjorta & sköna solisar!
 En tummen-upp-outfit för en härlig sommar dag! ♥

Eclipse trailer den 23:e!

Den officiella Eclipse trailern som vi alla väntat så länge på, släpps äntligen nästa fredag, den 23:e april! Trailern kommer att visas under Oprah Winfrey Show, men den är säkert uppe på internet några sekunder senare! ;) Vi får hålla tummarna att vi ser lite Alice i den!
Gud vad jag hade velat se liten sneek på scenen med Alice & Jasper! :D:D

Dagens fråga!

Tänkte att det hade varit lite kul att lära känna er läsare lite bättre!
Det kommer nya läsare hit varje dag och statistiken ökar allt eftersom,
 så varför inte presentera er? :D

  • Hur gammal är du?
  • Vad gillar du mest med Ashley Greene?

Dessutom kanske ni vill veta lite mer om mig? Själv är jag 16 år och en modemedvetentjej skulle jag säga. Därför är en av de sakerna jag gillar mest med Ashley, hennes stil. Hon matchar snygga färger och kläder till vardags lika ofta som till röda mattan! Men hennes personlighet verkar så himla härlig också! ^^

Jackman och Silverstone castade i Butter med Ashley!

Allt fler relativt kända ansikten och duktiga skådespelare joinar nu Ashley i den kommande filmen 'Butter'. Nu är det bekräftat att Hugh Jackman (Austraila, X-men) och Alica Silverstone (Clueless, Stormbreaker) kommer att vara med i filmen som pruduceras av Jennifer Garner som också splear i filmen. Kommer blirspännade att se resultatet! :D

Okay, seriously, what’s the deal with this Butter movie? First of all, it started with an amazing concept, which Mandi Bierly pointed out sounds like it belongs to a Christopher Guest movie but doesn’t: A wife, played by Jennifer Garner, begins competing in a butter-carving contest when her husband is forced out of the competition. Then, the film added EW-approved actors Ty Burrell and Ashley Greene to the cast. And now, based on the decision to cast Hugh Jackman (as an old boyfriend of Garner’s character) and Alicia Silverstone (as the mother who I imagine is not a virgin and can drive around her teenage butter-carver daughter), I’ve decided that Butter’s goal is to pack everything that’s awesome into one film. What’s next? Jet packs?! I know my heart isn’t supposed to love butter — very high in fat — but it does already!

Who else is hoping Silverstone’s daughter carves a Statue of Liberty that says “R.S.V.P.”?


Ashley's karriär i rätt riktning

Ushushush! Förlåt så mycket för den dåliga uppdateringen nu i veckan, men det har varit mycket skola, skola och återigen skola. Och det kommer lixom före bloggen, för jag vill ju ha bra betyg. Det kommer inte bli mycket bättre nästa vecka heller, jag kommer vara frånvarande i stort sett hela veckan, från måndag till lördag (tror jag). Men när jag är tillbaka igen så blir allt som vanligt! Så det är egentligen ingenting att oroa sig för! :D

I alla fall, den senaste veckan har det skrivits ganska mycket kring Ashley's nya film, 'Butter'. MTV skrev att Ashley's karriär går i den rätta riktningen allt eftersom hon får nya och olika filmroller. Jag håller med! :)

It seems that it’s now a proven fact that one just has to be touched by “Twilight” to earn instant worldwide fan recognition, and maybe say a line or two to go from unknown to established actor. For Ashley Greene, who had previously only starred for a few episodes in a couple TV series and landed a role in some unknown movies, it has created her career.

On Friday, The Hollywood Reporter broke the story that Ashley had been chosen to star in “Butter,” an upcoming film starring and produced by Jennifer Garner, also starring Rob Corddy. It’s starting filming this week in Louisiana, and is directed by “She’s Out of My League’s” Jim Field Smith.

So it might not be Oscar-winning material, but Ashley is at least taking a step in the right direction after “Twilight.” She will be playing a “rebellious high school teenager” named Kaitlen Pickler, who will be one of many “competitive characters” in a small Iowa town fighting over their annual butter-carving contest. Those last three words may sound a bit ridiculous now, but think about how you would have responded to the idea of fang-less sparkly vampires five years ago.

This is just the next in a line of exciting upcoming projects Ashley has lined up, and just one more thing adding to her cred of being more than just “the girl from ‘Twilight’ who’s not Kristen Stewart.’ In fact, Russ Fischer over at /Film called Ashley “the one reason I’d think about ever wanting to watch any of the ‘Twilight’ films,” which is high praise considering the blog notoriously hates “Twilight.”

In terms of upcoming projects, we are of course talking about her role in “The Apparition”opposite Tom Felton and the-next-big-thing (also known as Sebastian Stan). She also has “Warrior” which puts her opposite her “Twilight Saga” costar Kellan Lutz, and “Skateland,” which — though it debuted at Sundance — still hasn’t made its way to domestic release. At least we know that after she makes her million renegotiating her contract for “Breaking Dawn,” Ashley Greene should be sticking around for quite a while.

Milano Rare

Här är några bilder på Ash när hon var i Milano och
gjorde en photoshoot. Jag vill gäna se resultatet snart! :)

Ny Skateland pic

Hennes hår i den filmen är bara så snyggt, måste jag säga! ;)


Out and about

Igår var Ashley ute lite i Los Angeles tillsammans med en vän, man kan intre klandra hennes härliga stil! 

Dagens bild

Ett ord: Vacker!


Ash önskar Kristen Stewart grattis!

Idag fyller Kristen Stewart 20 år och Ashley var söt nog att gratta henne! :D

Ashley ser exclusivt material från Eclipse!

Efter att ha sett lite delar från 'Eclipse', ger Ashley oss smaskiga saker att bita i som kommer att komma i filmen! Hon nämner b.la att det kommer vara en en scen mellan Alice och Jasper som vi kommer gilla! Jag = Längtar!!! =)


Movie Trailers - Movies Blog


SAUGUS, California — These days, there are people who would gladly name their first-born child Renesmee if given the opportunity to see June 30's "Eclipse" two months early. Granted, Ashley Greene has connections that give her a level of access no normal Twilighter could achieve — but recently, she saw a chunk of David Slade's upcoming film and couldn't help geeking out like any other Stephenie Meyer fan.


"I'm so excited about it!" Greene told us recently when we visited her on the set of "The Apparition," a supernatural thriller that marks her first starring role.


In mid-March, Ashley was called in for "automated dialogue replacement," a process used by movies in post-production to have actors dub in lines that need to be tweaked or added to the finished film. In order to do so, actors are typically shown the completed footage so they can time their line readings correctly.


"A month ago, I got together with David Slade and we did the whole ADR thing," Greene recalled. "And every time I'm in ADR, I'm like, 'Why don't you just roll the scene? I just need to see the whole scene.' "

Naturally, we're guessing any good Twilighter would do the same. As a result of Ashley's "thorough" approach to ADR work, she was among the first to enjoy some soon-to-be-classic "Eclipse" goodies.

"I got to see a lot of footage from it," Ashley said. "And it looks really amazing.


"For one, the werewolves just look incredible in this one," Greene said, adding that the beastly transformations of Jacob Black and his buddies are much improved over their "Breaking Dawn" manifestations. "They looked good in the last one, but of course we're always trying to outdo ourselves, and so they look really incredible.

"Then, the whole fight sequence that I've seen really looks amazing," Greene said of another of her favorite moments in the film, which is expected to bring more action and blood than any of the previous "Twilight" movies. "We worked our tails off for it."


Singling out one more moment, she added: "I definitely think there is one scene in particular between Jackson [Rathbone]'s character Jasper and my character Alice that I think everyone is going to like."

With just over two months left before the eagerly anticipated film's release, Ashley left her "Twilight" fans with some encouraging words: "I don't think anyone will be disappointed."

Ny film för Ashley!

Yey, man blir så glad för Ashleys skull just nu då det går så bra för hennes karriär! Inte nog med att hon precis filmat färdigt 'The Apparition', nu är hon aktuell i en ny film igen! Denna gången är det en komedifilm som heter 'Butter' som Ashley joinat (minns ni att hon sa att hon vill vara med i en komedifilm i intervjun några inlägg ner?) och filmningen börjar ganska snart! :D

“Twilight” regular Ashley Greene has joined the Weinstein Co. comedy “Butter.”

Jennifer Garner is producing and starring in the film, based on the Black List screenplay written by newcomer Jason Micallef. Alissa Phillips and Mike De Luca are also producing the project, which director Jim Field Smith (“She’s Out of My League”) will begin filming next week in Louisiana.

Butter” follows a number of competitive characters in a small Midwestern town as they become entwined in an annual butter-carving contest. Greene will play a rebellious high school teenager named Kaitlen Pickler. (Do I smell a sequel built around anaerobic fermentation?)

Repped by Innovative Artists and McKeon-Myones Entertainment, Greene just wrapped shooting on the Warner Bros./Dark Castle thriller “The Apparition.” She will next reprise her role as Alice Cullen in “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” which Summit releases in June, and she stars in the indie drama “Skateland,” which had its world premiere at Sundance in January.



Ashley pratar tre möljiga regissörer för Breaking Dawn

MTV fick en kort intervju med Ashley nyligen där hon disskuterade de
tre möljiga regissörerna för The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn!

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

The Appariton - färdigfilmad

Igår var det sista dagen, eller kvällen, för inspelning av Ashleys kommande
skräckfilm 'The Apparition'. Nu blir nog all fokus riktad mot Eclipse innan
hon tar sig an en ny filmroll skulle jag tro :)

Såhär twittrade hon igår;

Last day (night) on Apparition. Bittersweet.
about 9 hours ago via TwitBird iPhone

IESB intervjuar Ashley

För någon vecka sedan fick IESB chansen att intervjua Ashley,
där hon pratar b.la om Skateland och jämför de olika Twilight regissörerna!

The actress also talked about the difference between working with Chris Weitz for The Twilight Saga: New Moon and David Slade for the next insallment. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, and how she would love to try her hand at comedy, musicals and action.

Q: Can you talk about Skateland? Did it hurt not to be able to be at Sundance for it?

Ashley: I did really want to be there. For anyone who doesn’t know, Skateland is an independent film I did, directly after Twilight. It’s a movie that takes place in the 1980's. It was directed by Tony Burns and, when it got into Sundance, I actually cried. I was in New York, doing press for New Moon, and that was the one thing I wanted and needed. We had Twilight, and I had just signed on to do The Apparition, and I was a lead in a studio film, which was incredible. And then, I said I would love for one of my films to go to Sundance. I will not go to Sundance unless I have a film there because sometimes it’s kind of a circus. So, it got in, I was ecstatic and then the snow ruined everything.


We were starting rehearsals for The Apparition, and I had to be there for the whole film. We had a lot to discuss and go over. And, it became a concern, at the last minute, that either I was going to get snowed in at Sundance, or I was going to get snowed out of Berlin, and I wasn’t going to be able to make a flight in. I also would have already been in Berlin for two day, have to go back to go to Sundance, and then go back to Berlin two days later. It just would have been exhausting and not a good way to start off a film. As much as I wanted to be there, and I was bummed that I wasn’t there, I was also excited to be a part of this and understood, if there was any other way, I would have been there. On both sides, as far as Skateland goes, and as far as the studio goes for The Apparition, everyone was working really hard to get me there. It was one of those things that didn’t work out, but I figured that it was in Sundance and it was going to do what it was going to do. It was still going to get press, and it has. And, I got to go to SXSW, so it all worked out.


Q: For The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, did David Slade give you a syllabus or mission statement, the way that Chris Weitz did for The Twilight Saga: New Moon?

Ashley: No, he definitely didn't give us that. But, each of the cast did sit down and have hour-long, sit-down conversations with him, probably two or three times, going over the whole script and us highlighting anything that we wanted to talk about. He went about it a different way, but he was also very open about forming some type of collaboration. The directors have their own vision. They don’t want to change our characters, but their vision may be a little different. Obviously, David Slade has a little darker spin on it than Chris Weitz may have had, so we had to find a way to mold them together.


Q: Have you read the new novella that Stephenie Meyer has coming out?

Ashley: Are you talking about the fifth book (Midnight Sun), that didn’t come out? I read some of it, probably during Twilight, before that whole thing happened and it got out.


Q: Not that book, but the novella that she’s coming out with, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, before the release of Eclipse?

Ashley: No, that I haven’t read.


Q: Coming off of Twilight and being concerned about being pigeonholed in this type of genre, is there another genre that you would really like to get the chance to explore next?

Ashley: Yeah. I have a very different story than most people, about how things happened for me. It happened very quickly, and so I'm getting all of this recognition and I really haven't done a lot. There are so many things I haven’t done yet. I love film. I love everything about the adventure of it, and I want to do it all. I’m like a kid in a candy shop right now. I want to do everything I haven’t done yet. I think I've covered drama. I definitely want to do a comedy. I think a musical would be really fun. I'm itching to do an action film. You do a movie and, even if it's not a comedy or it's not an action film, you get a little taste of it, and then I want to do it full force. So, we’re trying to choose the right projects that let me do things and create a career, rather than sticking to one thing.



Insperation till unga skådespelare

Skateland intervju

Lance Carter intervjuade Ashley när hon var i Texas för några veckor sedan
under SXSW festivalen. I intervjun pratar hon lite om hennes karaktär i
och hur hennes skådespelarkarriär startade. Väldigt läsvärd måpste jag säga! ;D

Ashley was incredibly sweet, I loved talking to her and if you’re a young actor you’ll love her answers.

Tell me about Skateland and your character in the film.

Ashley Greene: I play Michelle Burkham, and she is a bit of a love interest, really best friend to Richie Wheeler, and who is [played by] Shiloh Fernandez.  And Brent Burkham [Heath Freeman] is my brother, and we’re all this kind of trio in the film.  And it’s the 1980s small-town Texas.  And basically, it’s kind of this girl and this coming of age film and everyone’s trying to figure out who they are and what they’re doing, and I’m certainly one of those people.  But, I’m also one of the people that pushes Richie to find himself and grasp for higher things and she’s a great character to play.  She’s very vulnerable, very strong.  A lot of emotional ups and downs.


When you first look at a script and decide you want to do the part, how do you go about approaching a role?

Ashley: The first thing is, of course, reading the script and seeing if the script holds my attention and then more importantly, does the character… is it something I haven’t played before, and something that I actually care about and I’m passionate about.  I feel like if you’re reading a script and it doesn’t hold your attention and you don’t care about where these characters are going next and what they’re doing and you don’t care what they’re thinking and how they’re affected, then it really shouldn’t be something you’re doing because never ever do I want to be in a film where I don’t care.  And so, I think that’s the biggest thing.  I think it’s kind of a gut thing and follow your heart and it works out.


You’ve already had a ton of success.  You said you were from Florida.  How did you get your start?

Ashley: I was really lucky.  I mean, I guess as we all need to be in this industry, but I started out in Jacksonville when I was about 15 because I wasn’t really aware that I could be an actress.  That option wasn’t really thrown out there in Jacksonville, Florida.  I fell into modeling, and I took a commercial class.  And I was like hey, this is fun.  So I took an acting class.  An after that I was full steam ahead. Went to New York, found Ryan Daly who’s my agent that I’m still with today.  Got a manager and convinced my parents to let me graduate early and move to L.A.  And they did, you know, which they’re incredible, is the thing.  They’re so supportive.  And I couldn’t have done it without them.  And they shipped me out there, put me up for a year.  And I hit the ground running.


Did they come out with you?

Ashley: My mom came out with me for 10 days, set me up with an apartment, water, power, all these things that I had absolutely no idea about.  And then she left (laughter).  The first year was a lot of acting classes and a lot of me figuring out who I was.


So, what was your first big role in L.A.?

Ashley: Honestly, Twilight was the big, huge lucky break.  The first year was tons of classes and me figuring out myself.  The second year was lots of auditions and a lot of people saying, ‘We like her, but she doesn’t have a lot on her resume.’  But I just kept feeding myself and learning.  And then finally, a little into the second year, I would get small [parts] like Punked and Crossing Jordan, small TV roles and really small roles in films because the directors liked me but I wasn’t a name.  And then you know, Twilight came along and I auditioned five times and forced them to put me in the movie.


You’ve worked with a lot of really great, smart actors.  When you work with people like that, do you take anything from them?

Ashley: Absolutely, I think that part of being a good actor is, most of being a good actor is listening and life experience.  I can’t tell you how many times that something will happen to me and I’m like you know what, this sucks right now, but I can use this one day.  And it’s the same thing on set.  I worked with Michael Sheen, and I just was sitting there staring at him like who is this man?  Because he’s so incredible.  And so yeah, I definitely sit down and pick their brain.  A lot of stuff I learn is honestly just sitting down and chatting with people, not even about acting necessarily, just about life and their experiences and how they deal with them.

What’s your advice to actors?

Ashley: My advice to actors is if your heart’s not in it, then you need to go home because it’s a tough industry. I absolutely love it, and I wouldn’t do anything else, but I will tell you, that there are times when I go, ‘Why in the heck am I doing this to myself.’ You know, it’s a lot of work.  But I mean, if you love it, there’s nothing better in the world.  You just have to keep working at it.  I think the biggest thing is believing in yourself because no matter how much anybody else believes in you, if you don’t have that confidence in yourself, it’s going to be really tough to make it.


Alice screencap

Här är en screencap av Alice, som vi fick se i behind the scenes av Eclipse! (:


The Evolution of Alice Cullen

Hittade detta på Twifans, där man kan se Alice utveckling från Twilight till Eclipse.
Har lagt upp det innan, men dessa bilderna var mycket bättre tycker jag ;)

Ashley Greene IMTA

Innan Ashley blev skådespelerska, så var hon medlem i IMTA modell agentur,
där hon träffade rollbesättaren Patrick Baca som jobbade för CSA.
Patrick uppmuntrade Ashley att bli skådis istället och gav henne en roll i
TV serien 'Desire' och ja, resten är väl historia ;)

Here’s the inside scoop about Ashley Greene (IMTA 2004) from Patrick Baca, CSA:

“Casting Director and IMTA Scout Patrick Baca, CSA first auditioned Ashley Greene when the actress was sixteen and a student at an IMTA Member modeling and talent training school in Jacksonville, Florida. Two years later, Ashley moved to Pasadena and at Patrick’s encouragement, she began college and acting training. In 2006, Patrick gave Ashley one of her big breaks in the business when he and colleague Jean Scoccimarro cast Ashley in her first recurring role on Television. “Desire” was a night time serial drama which aired daily on MyNetworkTV for thirteen weeks. Ashley played “Renata” and appeared in seven episodes.Patrick also cast former IMTA contestant, Chuti Tiu in a recurring role on the same series. Chuti appeared in 36 episodes in the role of Detective Rachel Lin…”


Fler fanvideos!

Om ni har tips på några bra sånna här fanvideos så är det bara att skicka in till aashleygreene@live.se eller skicka en kommentar! Blir jätteglad över det :) Dessa två har Laura tipsat om och den sista har Mimmi tipsat om! tack tjejer! :)

Glad Påsk!

Ville bara önska er alla en riktigt Glad Påsk!
 Kräng bara inte i er för mycket av påskgodiset nu! :D!

New Moon intervju

Kollade runt lite på videos och hittade den här intervjun med Ashley om New Moon,
 den är faktiskt värd och intressant att titta på och tror inte att jag lagt upp den innan ;)

Fanmade video

Tyckte denna videon var bra gjord och
var tvungen att lägga upp den här! :D

Ashley's Style

Ett tag sedan vi körde på en 'Ashley's Style'! Denna outfiten är inskickad av Anna (:
Den snygga outfiten bar hon på förra årets MTV Video Music Awards
 och det är faktiskt också en av mina favoriter!
Riktigt snyggt med den guldaktiga underkjolen, det gör outfiten mer intressant!

Har du en favoritoutfit med Ashley? Skicka in den till aashleygreene@live.se!
(Få en länkning om du har blogg!)

The Apparation set!

Här är lite nya bilder på Ash från inspelningen av The Apparition igår där
 hon spelade in lite scener med Sebastian Stan (:

Alice zoom!

Här är en liten zoom-in bild på Alice som vi fick se från den nya Eclipse bilden! :)

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ASHLEY MICHELE GREENE, född 21 februari 1987 i Jacksonville, Florida. Ashley är en amerikansk skådespelerska och modell. Hennes stora genomslag kom med rollen som vampyren "Alice" i The Twilight Saga.