Ashley på Maxim's Hot 100 - #43 har släppt sin Hot 100 lista och i år hamnade Ashley på plats #43!

Maxim has released their 2012 Hot 100 list and some of our favorites made the list!
Nina Dobrev kicked off the list at #84, while Miley Cyrus came in at #68. Vanessa Hudgens hit the list at #62 and at #56 was Abduction star Lily Collins. Emma Roberts made the list at #55, where as Sarah Hyland came in at #50. Ashley Greene came in at #43, while Naya Rivera came in at #27.

#26 was country cutie Taylor Swift and her best friend Selena Gomez came in at #24. Emma Watson came in at #21, while Victoria Justice came in at #19. Kristen Stewart came in at #15, followed by Lea Michele at #14, and Blake Lively at #13. Topping out the list was Emma Stone at #7 and Jennifer Lawrence at #6!


The Apparition & Butter på The Notable Films of 2012

Ashleys filmer The Apparation samt Butter är båda med på Dark Horizons The Notable Films of 2012. Ni kan se hela listan med filmer här.

The Apparition
Opens: August 24th 2012
Cast: Tom Felton, Ashley Greene, Sebastian Stan, Julianna Guill, Luke Pasqualino
Director: Todd Lincoln

Analysis: Dark Castle’s horror entry for this past September, this PG-13 sci-fi meets haunted house tale was delayed a full year – so something could well be reshot. It was filmed in Berlin, but set in a part of the San Fernando Valley where houses go unfinished though with no obvious reason, unlike say Réunion Island where it’s for tax purposes.

The obvious influence here is “Paranormal Activity” but with a proper budget and a desire to beef up the number of scares, yet Twilight scene-stealer Ashley Greene and the still under-rated but always fun Sebastian Stan probably won’t be able to salvage the material.

Opens: March 16th 2012
Cast: Jennifer Garner, Ashley Greene, Olivia Wilde, Rob Corddry, Hugh Jackman
Director: Director: Jim Field Smith

Analysis: Jason Micallef’s debut script landed him right onto the 2008 Black List which saw this comedy quickly head into production. The story follows an adopted teen who discovers her talent for butter carving and finds herself pitted against an ambitious local woman (Garner) in their small Iowan town’s annual contest.

Screened at Telluride, reviews for this Midwest satire were quite strong saying that while it does pander to crowd pleasing conventions at the end, much of the runtime is wickedly edgy with a mean streak recalling Alexander Payne’s earliest efforts like “Election” and “Citizen Ruth”. The cast is very strong and Garner looks to deliver her best work in the genre in years, hopefully this will be an indie that can break through ala “Little Miss Sunshine”.


Skrivet av: Viktoria

PopSugar: Your Top 10 Vampires and Werewolves of 2011!

Ashley kom på tredje plats vilket är väldigt bra om man ser på vem hon tävlade mot!


PopSugar 100: Your Top 10 Hot Vampires and Werewolves!

3. Ashley Greene

There's just something about Ashley Greene and her gorgeous smile. As Alice Cullen, she gets to play the part of Bella Swan's best friend and Edward's loyal sister. Ashley's real-life luscious locks don't get to come along on set, but when she steps out of her Twilight wardrobe, she's all about the bombshell red-carpet looks.

Se hela listan här!


FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the World

Ashley är med på FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2011 lista och hon hamnde på #17:e plats. Det är en förbättring från förra året då hon hamnade på plats #20.

Ni kan se hela listan här.


Who Was Best Dressed at the Met Costume Gala?

E! Online
har en ny poll för dagen där man kan rösta på dagens bäst klädda. Man kan rösta på Ashley som tävlar mot Michelle Williams, Selma Hayek, Diane Kruger och Gisele Bündchen med deras klänningar från The Costume Institute Gala 2011.

Rösta här!


Ashley på 2011 Maxim Hot 100 list

Fö tredje året i rad så har Ashley nu hamnat på Maxim's Hot 100 List 2011! Det här året kom Ashley på 53:e plats. Ni kan se hela listan här.

The annual Maxim Hot 100 list has been released. Victoria's Secret model and star of "Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon" Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has been named the no. 1 hot chick in America.

Other notables on the list: The newly-married Duchess of Cambridge Catherine Middleton came in at no. 26, the CW got some love with Leighton Meester (no. 16), Aly Michalka (no. 66) and Lyndsy Fonseca (no. 89) - but no Blake Lively. Even "Jersey Shore" got a shout-out, with J-Woww's inclusion at no. 78.

"Harry Potter" and "Twilight" were represented by Emma Watson (no. 69) and Ashley Greene (no. 53). Funny ladies Cobie Smulders (no. 9), Kaley Cuoco (no. 13), Emma Stone (no. 42), Anna Faris (no. 44) and Alison Brie (no. 49) all made the list and "Glee" got some love for Lea Michele (no. 28) and Naya Rivera (no. 43), but no Heather Morris or Dianna Agron. And the "Mad Men" bombshells January Jones (no. 12) and Christina Hendricks (no. 56) were also included.

Källa - Best Dressed of the Week

Ashley är med på's lista över de bäst klädda denna veckan. Ashley ligger trea på deras lista med outfiten som hon hade på sig på Glamour Magazine & Louis Vuitton middagen i måndags. Måste hålla med, den är riktigt snygg!

Ashley Greene, in Louis Vuitton, at the party hosted by the brand in celebration
of American Glamour's three cover stars.


Ashley Greene vs Megan Fox - Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive

För ett tag sedan skrev jag att man kunde rösta på Ashley i Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive 2011 lista, och då mötte hon skådespelerskan Zoe Saltana. Ashley gick vidare och har sedan dess också vunnit över Natalie Portman och Mila Kunis. Nu är hon vidare i Elite 8 (!!) och möter i denna omgången Megan Fox. Megan leder tyvärr just nu men det kan vi ändra på, eller hur? Rösta här!

Rösta på Ashley i Sexiest Woman Alive 2011

Ashley är med på Esquire's lista över de nominerade för Sexiest Woman Alive 2011. Just nu tävlar hon i första rundan mot Zoe Saldana så se till att rösta! Rösta här.

After a quiet 2010 that saw her lose the blue uniform, Saldana had to rely on her beguiling beauty to survive the bubble. In her way stands the cold, marble-statue splendor of Twilight's Greene. Both have legions of supporters, but this being the Internet, the 24-year-old Twi-hard favorite has home-court advantage.


Sexy Celebrity with the Best Arms and Shoulders

Ashley är med på Shape's lista över kändisarna som har de bästa armar & axlarna! Vi får ett nytt citat av Ashley samt en liten vägledning till hennes träning! Klicka här för att se hela artikeln på Shape's hemsida.

This Twilight star's sleek upper body is no accident: She devotes up to 20 minutes of every to her arms and shoulders. Ashley sweats it out with LA trainer Autumn Fladmo four or five times a week. Their 90-minute sessions are based on the Tracy Anderson Method and combine dumbbell and resistance-band exercises with dance moves to sculpt sexy muscles and burn fat. "Showing off your arms and shoulders is an easy way to look sexy without revealing too much," says Ashley. "So I really target that area."


#1 plats på Yahoo's Trending Now

Ashley låg tidigare idag etta på Yahoo's Trendning Now lista! :D


PopCrunch 100 Hottest Women of 2011

Ashley kom på #27:e plats på's 100 Hottest Women of 2011!


Ashley på AskMen's Top 99 Women of 2011's årliga Top 99 Most Desirable Women Edition har nu kommit upp och Ashley hamnade på #59:e plats. Lite dålig placering eftersom hon kom på #41 förra året.. Se hela listan här.

Since breaking out as Alice Cullen in that little-film-that-could, Twilight (and its subsequent sequels), Ashley Greene has been trying to emerge from the shadows of her far more famous costars -- Kristen Stewart in particular.

Like a teenage girl acting out against her older, prettier, more successful sister (although in this case, which one of the two is more attractive is up for debate), Greene has been doing anything for attention, good or bad. After nude photos of the actress were accidentally leaked in 2009, Greene voluntarily posed in nothing but body paint for a series of SoBe advertisements that appeared in Sports Illustrated’s most recent Swimsuit Issue. (Hey, we’re not complaining.)

Then she started dating Joe Jonas and has been a tabloid fixture ever since, while Stewart continues to recoil from the spotlight. 2011 will see Greene attempt to parlay her growing fame into a genuine movie career, with roles in LOL, The Apparition and, of course, the final two Twilight films. But if impending superstardom means no more nude photo shoots, then Ashley, we hope you fail. Miserably.


En av de mest sökta på Teen Vogue

Ashley är med på Top 50 listan över de mest sökta kändisarna 2010 på Teen Vogues hemsida. Ashley hamnade på #32 plats! Se hela listan här.


Top 100 Most Anticipated Films

Det verkar som att alla Ashleys kommande filmer är med på någon lista över de mest förväntansfulla filmerna 2011! Ja, jag ser i alla fall jättemycket framemot dem alla ;)


Director: Jim Field Smith
Writer(s): Jason Micallef
Producers: Michael De Luca, Jennifer Garner, Juliana Janes and Alissa Phillips
Distributor: The Weinstein Co.

The Gist: Set in a small Midwest town, this follows a young orphan who named Destiny, after being adopted by a Midwestern family, discovers she has an uncanny talent for butter-carving. She eventually finds herself up against the ambitious wife (Garner) of the retired reigning champion in a town’s annual butter-sculpting contest...(more)

Cast: Rob Corddry, Jennifer Garner, Ashley Greene, Kate Hudson, Hugh Jackman, Alicia Silverstone, Olivia Wilde and Yara Shahidi.

List Worthy Reasons…: We’re big on this top BlackList screenplay (# 3 in 2008) and think this might turn out to be a Best in Show type of movie-going experience as it is heavy on the obsessive compulsive competitive folks we sometimes find in middle America. Strong ensemble cast could make these nutty characters a joy to watch, and could pan out to translate well on film depending all on the overall tone.

Release Date/Status?: The film is complete – Weinsteins will weigh their options. Summer release would be fitting.

Btw, reta oss mer eller? När kommer de första bilderna från Butter ut egentligen?? ;o


10 Best Dressed Celebrities of 2010

Ashley är på Betty's lista över de bästa klädda 2010. Ashley kom på plats #2 efter Taylor Swift som kom etta. Se hela listan här.

Oh yeah, she’s got a JoBro for a boyfriend, but that’s not why she’s on the list. Ashley loves clothes, and they love her. She’s not afraid to take fashion chances on the red carpet-wearing a high necked mini dress from Valentino for instance. She’s got a bod that can carry any style, no matter how fashion forward it is. Maybe Leighton ought to study Ashley to see how to do it right.


Most anticipated movies of 2011

Både Ashleys kommande skräckfilm The Apparition och komedin Butter kom med på listor över de mest förväntansfulla filmerna 2011! The Apparition kom med på's lista över det mest förväntansfulla skräckfilmerna & Butter kom med på The Playlists lista.

The Apparition (August 20, 2011)

Todd Lincoln, the man who was behind the Hack/Slash movie for so long, makes his feature directorial debut with this tale of college students whose lives are screwed by a malevolent, supernatural entity. While discussing Hack/Slash, Lincoln waxed eloquently about his "vision" for that film. I have no doubt Lincoln put an equal amount, if not more, love into Apparition which is said to be in the vein of The Entity or Poltergeist.

Butter” - The Weinstein Company - dir. Jim Field-Smith

Synopsis: In a small Iowan town, the year is dominated by the annual butter-carving competition. An African-American orphan makes an enemy of the wife of the reigning champion when she discovers a talent for the form.

What You Need To Know:
One of the highest-placed scripts in the 2008 Black List, this dark comedy (supposedly a political allegory) from debut writer Jason Micallef—who was inspired after breaking into a refrigeration room housing butter sculptures after his car broke down on a road trip through Iowa one year—has seen all kinds of names circle it; Kate Hudson and Jim Carrey were both linked to the film, as was “Lars and the Real Girl” director Craig Gillespie. The latter was replaced by “She’s Out of My League” helmer Jim Field-Smith, while the cast is made up of Jennifer Garner, “Modern Family” MVP Ty Burrell, Olivia Wilde, Hugh Jackman, Rob Corddry, Ashley Greene, Alicia Silverstone and Yara Shahidi. Garner also produces for the first time, and having shown a mostly strong taste in material in the past and having gathered a starry cast around her, we’re looking forward to this.

Release Date: TBD

Källa, källa via källa

10 Young Actors to Watch in 2011

Ashley är med på Moviehole's lista över 10 Young Actors to Watch in 2011! Ashley kom på #10:e plats :)

10. Ashley Greene

Like quite a few, young Ashley Greene earned her stripes as part of the ensemble cast of the ‘’Twilight’’ franchise. In 2011, she’ll again play sparkly eyed Alice Cullen (in ‘’Breaking Dawn’’) but she’s also the female lead in two incongruent flicks, ‘’Skateland’’ – a coming-of-age dramedy set in the ‘80s – and ‘’The Apparition’’, a new horror flick from producer Joel Silver. Beauty and Genuine Talent seems to go a long way in this industry, so expect to hear more from Ashley Greene over the next few years.


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