Omslaget på Teen Vogue

Hur vacker är inte denna tjejen? Detta är nog en av de bästa omslagen hon gjort ♥

Intervjun med Ashley från Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue har nu uppdaterat sin hemsida med intervjun dem gjorde med Ashley för någon månad sedan till deras mars nummer av tidningen som kommer ut den 7 februari! Jag rekomenderar er verkligen att läsa den, hon pratar om sitt förhållande med Joe, haters, hennes nya lägenhet i New York & hennes kommande filmer! 

It's not easy being Greene. Or rather, as Ashley herself says, it isn't always easy. Yes, the winsomely pretty 23-year-old has a supercute boyfriend (one Mr. Joe Jonas) and a sizable role in the ultrasuccessful Twilight series, but that doesn't mean that life is a nonstop cakewalk for the actress. "There have definitely been low points," she admits. "Moments when I sit in my hotel room and want to cry! It's fun," she says of her fast-paced profession, "but it's a lot of pressure. If you're tired or run-down or having a rough day or missing your friends and family, you can't just call in sick." Right. The show, as they say, must go on.

But Ashley seems energized and downright cheery on the day of her Teen Vogue interview, which is conducted over a breakfast of scrambled eggs and tofu at the Crosby Street Hotel in downtown New York City. She's recently signed a lease on an apartment nearby—she has another in Los Angeles, to which she moved when she was just seventeen—and plans to spend the afternoon scouting couches with her father, a construction-company owner who's flown in from her native Jacksonville, Florida, to help. "Bless his heart," Ashley says. "He's getting the electronics together for me right now because he knows the deals and I know nothing."

The new place, Ashley says, boasts a number of advantages, and the relative proximity to her family is among them. But she seems equally thrilled about the chance to live and work in the city. "I'm very much a girl that likes to have options," she explains. "That's the way I am with fashion, and that's the way I am with my life. In California, I do like to just chill out and go to the beach, but I love the energy here. I feel very productive when I'm in New York."

And being productive, she says, is key to her current definition of happiness. "I'm a bit of a workaholic," Ashley explains. Despite her earnest admission that success in Hollywood does have its downsides, she loves her job. "When I feel like I'm not doing something, it drives me insane," she says. Part of the urgency seems to come from Ashley's sense that she's at a sort of magic moment in her career, on the cusp of the kind of megafame that her costar Kristen Stewart found with the release of the first Twilight film. "This industry never stops," she says. "Right now I'm in this amazing place, and there are open doors. I think it would be foolish to take a month off. So many people would kill to be in my shoes that it's just bad karma!"

Ashley has no fewer than five films slated for release this year, starting with 1983-set coming-of-age story Skateland, which premiered at last year's Sundance Film Festival and hits theaters this month. "I play Michelle, who's about to graduate from high school," she says, "and I'm kind of facing the ups and downs of that. I think it's a very relatable film—we have love, loss, and heartbreak." She's even more excited about her turn in the upcoming comedy Butter, in which she appears opposite Jennifer Garner and Olivia Wilde. "It's about butter carving, which, really, you have to Google," she says. "People take these huge chunks of butter, as tall as me, and carve intricate things into them; it's mind-blowing. I'd never heard of it when I read the script, and I remember asking my manager, 'How do writers make this stuff up?' But it actually exists." In the movie, Ashley says, she plays a "typical rebellious teenager who goes from plain vanilla to basically being a stripper. It sounds ridiculous but it's going to be really funny."

She also stars with Demi Moore and Miley Cyrus in the upcoming comedy LOL. "I'm kind of like a bad girl in that film," she says. "It's a really big departure from Alice"—the sweet-natured, clairvoyant vampire she'll play again in November's Breaking Dawn Part I—"and as much as I love that character, I'm excited for people to see a bit of my range." Ashley says she got along surprisingly well with eighteen-year-old Miley. "She's young, but we could relate to each other because she's probably been through as much as a 40-year-old!"

Of course, that's not always a good thing: Just ask Joe Jonas's previous girlfriend Demi Lovato, who checked into rehab after reportedly making threats against Ashley and getting into an altercation with a backup dancer on tour last fall. Their alleged fight is one of the few topics that Ashley's publicist has declared to be completely off-limits. But when asked, in general terms, whether she has sympathy for the difficulties faced by some young, hardworking Disney actors, Ashley says, "Plenty of Disney kids are perfectly normal and love what they do. But you always hear about the people who aren't doing well. It's kind of like the squeaky wheel."

Take Joe himself, for example. At 21, the former child star certainly seems to be doing well. Talk of him, too, was meant to be verboten, but Ashley seems happy to share her happiness. "We have a traveling relationship," she says. "We met through mutual friends in London, which is crazy because we both live in L.A. And we've already met each other's parents, which I think is a good result of the kind of lifestyle we live. He's sweet and really funny, which is huge for me." They've doubtless not been able to see each other as much as they might like, with Ashley shooting the last two Twilight movies, but she says that she likes to spend her limited free time cooking—with him. "I've got this amazing kitchen, and he's getting me into it. It's really nice and almost therapeutic; we put on music and just kind of go into this zone."

Wisely, Ashley is utterly unconcerned about what Joe's lovesick young fans might think of their romance. "There's always going to be anti in this industry," she says brightly. "But the thing is, I have dealt with anti before our relationship, and I will always have to deal with it. There will always be people who love me or hate me. That's why I try to focus on the positive." Growing up in Jacksonville, she recalls, "I just didn't know what I could do. I didn't think that I'd ever wear these amazing clothes, and I didn't think I would be an actress. Now," she says, "I've realized that I can do whatever I want."


Fler detaljer; Ashley & Joe's dejt på Ischiban Sushi

Diners at Ichiban Japanese Grill and Sushi Bar in Baton Rouge got an unexpected side dish to their dinner experience on Saturday – Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas dropped in for a late-night meal.

"They were really friendly" one of the managers at Ichiban tells PEOPLE of their dinner. "They just walked in, sat down, and the word started going around that they were here."

The couple didn't ask for a private room or special treatment. "They each had a Hibachi meal and some sushi," the manager says. "The kitchen crew and wait staff were excited to see them. Some of them stayed late because they were hoping to get their picture."

Greene and Jonas didn't disappoint: They posed for pictures, and within hours, the pictures were posted on blogs and Facebook pages.

"I don't watch the Twilight movies, so I wasn't so familiar with them," the manager says. "But everyone else in the restaurant knew who they were." Greene and Jonas were "definitely there together, as a couple," the manager says. "I have to say, they were very nice. I think they'll come back."

Greene and Jonas are in Baton Rouge, where the actress is shooting Breaking Dawn. The cast is expected to continue filming for about two more weeks.


Ashley Greene i Teen Vogue!

Redan i december fick vi veta att Ashley hade gjort en photoshoot för Teen Vogue som skulle vara med i ett kommande nummer. Ashley kommer att pryda omslaget av Teen Vogue i mars med en massa nya, härliga sommarbilder inne i tidningen! har släppt några outtakes & behind the scenes bilder + en video och en liten del av intervjun redan nu!

Älskar bilderna! Ashley är riktigt söt & man får en härlig känsla att sommaren snart är här! Love ♥

Ashley Greene takes a bike ride in the woods in this new shot from the March 2011 issue of Teen Vogue magazine.

Inside the issue, the 23-year-old actress dishes on what makes her relationship with Joe Jonas work, karma and working with Miley Cyrus. Check it:

On how she met Joe: “We met through mutual friends in London, which is crazy because we both live in L.A. And we’ve already met each other’s parents, which I think is a good result of the kind of lifestyle we live. He’s sweet and really funny, which is huge for me.”

On taking it one step at a time: “Right now I’m in this amazing place, and there are open doors. I think it would be foolish to take a month off. So many people would kill to be in my shoes that it’s just bad karma!”

On working alongside Miley: “She’s young, but we could relate to each other because she’s probably been through as much as a 40-year-old!”

On growing up in the spotlight: “Plenty of Disney kids are perfectly normal and love what they do. But you always hear about the people who aren’t doing well. It’s kind of like the squeaky wheel.”

On her new roles beyond Twilight’s Alice: “As much as I love that character, I’m excited for people to see a bit of my range.”

On Hollywood haters: “There will always be people who love me or hate me. That’s why I try to focus on the positive.”

Man kan även tävla om att få träffa Ashley i mark. studion när hon gör en photoshoot! Vinnaren för träffa henne, får en sminkning & en goodiebag fylld med produkter från mark. Låter helt okej, eller hur? Tyvärr kan endast personer som bor i USA tävla. har även tagit en titt på Ashleys modestil och ni kan se det här samt Ashleys sminkprodukter från mark. som ni kan se här!

More is to come! Vem kommer köpa den här tidningen räcker upp handen! *handen viftandes i luften*


Två nya outtakes av Thomas Whiteside

Kom just över dessa två nya outtakes av Thomas Whiteside på tumblr! Haha, alltså jag försöker verkligen leta efter nyheter att skriva om - vet inte hur många olika sidor jag letar på just nu.. Men allt för er! ;)


Jashley i Bravo nr 5

Ashley & Joe är med i den tyska tidningen Bravo.


Ny bild på Ashley & Joe

Det känns som om det vore evigheter sen vi såg nån ny bild på Ashley! Haha, denna bilden med Ashley och Joe var iaf tagen igår (29 jan) i Baton Rouge. Jag har ingen anning om vem killen i mitten är.. ett fan?:)

Update: En till bild, dessa är tagan på resturangen Ichiban Sushi.


Dagens bild

Dagens bild

Ashley & Marlow i US Weekly


Favorit i repris - behind the scenes Women's Health

Eftersom nyheterna är otroligt slöa så tänkte jag slänga in en lite favorit i repris (en av mina iaf!); behind the scenes videon från Ashleys photoshoot med Kellan Lutz för Women's Health! Alltså hur kan den kvinnan vara så sjukt vacker!!? ♥


Ashley till vårdcentralen

Lungn, det var inte av nån jätteallvarlig anledning Ashley var på vårdcentralen igår, utan hon hade gjort illa sitt knä. Jag antar att det var under inspelningen av Breaking Dawn som Ashley skadade knät igår & var tvungen att åka till vårdcentralen och apoteket i Baton Rouge. Hoppas hon mår bättre snart!! ♥

Gammal bild från TCA


Outtake från Robert Ashcroft photoshoot

En ny outtake från en gammal photoshoot med Ashley av Robert Ashcroft har kommt ut. Lika vacker tjej som alltid, right? :)


Första låten från Skateland soundtracket

Första låten från filmen Skateland har släppts! Det är även den låten som spelas i den officella trailern om jag inte tar helt fel. Och den är faktiskt rätt bra! ;)

Ny bild på Ashley & Shiloh Fernandez

Här en ny/gammal bild på Ashley och hennes medspelare i Skateland, Shiloh Fernandez från premiären av filmen förra året.


Dagens bild

Eclipse nominerad till Razzies

Golden Raspberry Awards, även kallat Razzie är en motsats till Oscarsgalan och Golden Globes, där det delas ut awards för sämsta film, skådespelerare osv. Nu är det dags för denna 'gala' igen och The Twilight Saga: Eclipse är nominerad i ett flertal kategorier.

Worst Screen Picture / Worst Screen Ensemble
 The Entire Cast of Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel (Combined Category for 2010)
 Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Worst Screenplay
 Twilight Saga: Eclipse (screenplay by Melissa Rosenberg,
based on the Novel by Stephenie Meyer)

Worst Picture
 Twilight Saga: Eclipse


Vad händer när Twilight är över?

Haha, sajten Letters to Twilight har gjort en rolig lista (notera att den inte är seriös) över vad som kommer hända med Twilight castet efter att hela Twilight är över. Här är vad dem skrev om Ashleys framtid;

Ashley Greene will become the next Jennifer Aniston complete with wildly popular tv series, a string of movies where she plays the same character (herself), a failed marriage to Joe Jonas/Kellan Lutz/whoever and spends her days jetting to Mexico thinking about her cats and “the one that got away” (Spoiler: Jackson Rathbone). 

Jackson Rathbone runs away to join the circus as a one-man-band after he learns that Ashley Greene (aka “The one that got away) is marrying Joe Jonas/Kellan Lutz/Whoever.

Haha, ja det får vi hoppas inte händer.. ;)


Dagens bild

En av de mest sökta på Teen Vogue

Ashley är med på Top 50 listan över de mest sökta kändisarna 2010 på Teen Vogues hemsida. Ashley hamnade på #32 plats! Se hela listan här.


Ny photoshoot?

Igår twittrade Ashleys hårstylist Ted Gibson att han var på en photoshoot i Baton Rouge med Ashley och fixade hennes hår! Då kan vi alltså förvänta oss en ny photoshoot väldigt snart!! Undrar vilken tidning hon fotades för? :)

Ted twittrade också en urgullig bild på Ashleys nya valp Theodore i hårförlängningar! Haha gud vad söt! ♥


Dagens bild

Förresten, ville bara klarna upp ryktena om att Ashley och Joe skulle ha gjort slut - det är inte sant utan bara rykten.

Ashley på 10 olika Cosmopolitan omslag!!

Ojojoj! Haha, inte illa - Ashley är på omslaget av 10 olika Cosmopolitan tidningar i hela världen just nu! Thailand, Grekland, Taiwan, USA, Norge, Sydafrika, Tyskland, Ryssland, Israel & Slovienien är all deländer som har Ashley på omslaget av januarinumret! Riktigt kul! Synt att inte Sverige har det.. De olika omslagen har två olika bilder som vi sett innan, men jag är så glad för Ashleys skull! ♥

Vilken gillar ni mest? Jag tycker nog den amerikanska (första) & den tyska (gröna)!

Teaser på den officiella Breaking Dawn loggan!

Summit's officiella Twilight twitter postade nyss en liten teaser på Breaking Dawn loggan! Looks great!!


Officiella LOL postern?

Det verkar som att postern till LOL: Laughing out Loud har kommit ut! Vet inte om det är den officiella poster dock.. we'll see ;)


Tyska Cosmopolitan

Januarinumret av den tyska Cosmopolitan har också Ashley på omslaget! Fast det är inga nya bilder dock utan samma som den amerikanska utgåvan :)


Screencaps från mark behind the scenes video

kan ni se screencaps från Ashleys behind the scenes video från mark ;)


Ny bild på LOL castet

Här är en ny bild på castet från LOL :)


Skateland kommer inte visas på svenska biografer!

Jag frågade SF Bio ifall dem har planer på att visa Skateland på bio. Jag har nu fått svar, som tyvärr inte är vidare bra nyheter. Dem kommer inte att visa Skateland på de svenska biograferna. Lite synd tycker jag, hade sett fram emot det. Men självklart finns det ju andra sätt att se den & den kommer ju ut på DVD också. Aja, så kan det ju gå...

Ashley Greene: My Look is Constantly Changing

Ashley pratar om sin stil i People Magazine och säger att hon ändrar sin look väldigt ofta.

Actress Ashley Greene likes to play beauty chameleon, both on and off the red carpet.

“My style and beauty sense is always evolving and changing because I am,” says the Twilight star, and Mark cosmetics spokesperson.

“I don’t even know, from a day-to-day basis, what I’m going to wear and what I’m going to like–it really depends what I wake up and feel like.”

And when she’s rocking the red carpet, she’s constantly changing her look depending on her mood.

”Sometimes I want to be really glamorous, kind of have this ethereal feel and sometimes I want to be really dramatic,” she says.

“One moment I can rock an androgynous look and the next I can have long flowing hair and sultry eyes.”

What’s your take on Ashley Green’s changing style?



Indie drama features 'Twilight' star in '80s-era coming-of-age story

MTV som debuterade med den officiella Skateland trailern igår hade väldigt bra saker att skriva om filmen. Nu ska jag höra med SF Bio ifall dem har några planer på att visa den är i Sverige! Nu håller vi tummarna ;)

Around this time last year, in the run-up to the Sundance Film Festival, the first official photos for Ashley Greene's '80s-era drama "Skateland" hit the Web. Almost a year later, as Sundance once again approaches, the first official trailer from the indie is here — and MTV News has got the exclusive.

Hitting theaters on March 25, the film tells a coming-of-age story about a group of teens killing time and drinking beer in a dusty Texas town, attempting to push off the looming responsibilities of adulthood. But both an out-of-nowhere tragedy and the impending closure of the local hangout that gives the film its name interrupt the friends' lazy lifestyles, forcing them to re-evaluate their choices.

"It was a time when life was easy," the title cards read. "Sometimes the party has to end, before real life begins."

"It follows us through all the trials and errors of becoming an adult and figuring out who you are and what you want,"
Greene explained to MTV News last year. "You see love and you see loss and everything in between."

What you also see is Greene as you may never have viewed her before: Stripped of the pale skin and golden eyes her character possesses in the "Twilight" series, she's able to play a normal, relatable teen, albeit one whose teenage years took place several decades in the past and who rocks some old-school duds.

"Every time I look at it, what I notice the most is how much I look like my mom," Greene said. "Because, you know, it's set in the '80s and so I've got pictures of her and my dad from the '80s and it's kind of creepy how much we look alike."


Ny/gamla intervjuer om Skateland

Här är några korta intervjuer med Ashley som hon gjorde med MTV när Skateland hade premiär förra året på SXSW. Lade upp dem då, men visst skadar det inte med lite favorit i repris nu när filmen snart har premiär? ;)

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog
Movie Trailers - Movies Blog
Movie Trailers - Movies Blog
Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

Stills från Skateland trailern

Här är lite bilder från den nya officiella Skateland trailern! 

The ’80s were a decade filled with mix tapes, roller rinks and hanging out at Dairy Queen, an era when big hair, ridiculously tiny shorts, handlebar mustaches and keg parties reigned supreme, a last gasp of the simple life before advances in industry and technology changed society forever. In other words — to quote Charles Dickens — they were the best of times AND the worst of times.

All of that is captured in last year’s Sundance favorite “Skateland,” a poignant indie about friends growing up in a small Texas town, grappling with family problems and the uncertainties of their own future, and trying to guzzle a few more beers before they reluctantly take on the responsibilities of adulthood. It’s also a film in which “Twilight” star Ashley Greene shows off her quite formidable dramatic acting chops and a solid fashion sense to boot, despite the 1980s’ unfortunate obsession with leg warmers and perms.


Skateland trailer

Här är den nya trailern för Skateland! Man får se mycket av Ashley i den också ;) Denna filmen verkar så härlig, längtar tills man kan se den!

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

Dagens bild


Marlow & Theodore

Haha, alltså hur söta är inte dessa små varelser?? ♥

Portrait poster från Skateland

Det har släppts nya bilder från filmen Skateland och denna gången var det porträttbilder! Här är bilden på Ashley som karaktären Michelle Burkham;

Här kan ni även se resten av bilderna på de andra karaktärerna från filmen.

Trailern för Skateland kommer släpas imorgon (20 jan) på MTV och filmen beräknas ha premiär i Los Angeles & New York den 25 mars. Jag vet inte vad dem menar med trailern eftersom det redan har släppts en? Aja, får väl vänta och se!


Tom Felton & Ashley Greene: Twilight vs Harry Potter

Både Ashley och Tom Felton som spelar i The Apparition tillsammans, kom med på MTV New's 11 to Watch in 2011. I intervjuerna med dem fick dem båda frågan om dem brukade gemföra Harry Potter coh Twilight med varandra på inspelningen och hur det är att jobba med sådana stora filmserier.

It goes without saying that the fan communities surrounding "Twilight" and "Harry Potter" are sizable. Ginormous, even. And while many Twilighters are also Potter-heads, when asked to choose a side in the always-loaded debate of "Who would win in a fight: vampires or wizards?" the conversation can get heated, to say the least.

Luckily for fans of both franchises, they'll have something to cheer about and support together when "The Apparition" is released later this year. The film stars not one, but two fan favorites: "Twilight" star Ashley Greene and "Potter" alum Tom Felton.

Coincidentally, both actors made MTV News' 11 for '11 stars-to-watch list, and when we caught up with them recently, we asked if the co-stars talked about "Twilight" vs. "Potter" fans or compared notes about being in highly popular film franchises.

"Not so much comparing the fans as acknowledging how incredible they are," Greene said. "We are both so lucky to be a part of franchises that have ignited such a passion in young people. Very few actors get to be a part of that experience, so it's humbling."

A very sweet and sincere response from Greene, which was appreciated. But Felton gave us more of the playful angle we hoped for.

"Oh yeah, we had lengthy debates," Felton said of his and Greene's "Potter" vs. "Twilight" chats. "We actually spent most evenings, instead of rehearsing lines we would debate who would actually win out of Edward Cullen and Harry Potter. It's still ongoing. We haven't settled it," he joked.

"No, I jest," he admitted. "We're both very proud of our work for our franchises, so to speak, and it was nice to be the first film that really collaborates them together. It's a very cool thing to be a part of."

Jag förstår bara inte varför alla måste gemföra Harry Potter och Twilight hela tiden? Jag menar dem är ju två totalt olika filmserier! Varför måste det ena vara bättre än det andra, bara för att dem är så stora? Det kvittar väl vem som har flest & trognare fans eller whatever - de är två helt olika filmer med olika handling. Var tvungen att skriva av mig lite, tycker det går för långt all den här gemförelsen. Det är nästan som att alla kändissajter vill ha upp ett 'krig' mellan fansen till dessa två. Personligen älskar jag Harry Potter och Twilight, men jag gemför inte vilken av dem som är bäst eftersom dem är så olika och bra på sitt sätt.


Ashley & Marlows nya familjemedlem!

Igår retade Ashley oss med att twittra att hon hade en bra och rolig nyhet! Men hon lät oss vänta i två timmar innan hon berättade vad det var.. nämligen en ny familjemedlem! Och nej, inte ett barn haha... utan en liten hundvalp! En liten kopia av Marlo som heter Theodore! Hur söt är han inte?? Roligt för Marlo att få en liten lekkamrat :)

So the really adorable present ... Was for Marlo :) a playmate!

His name is Theodore :) and Marlo loves him!!

Svar på tal

Har du tumblr? :)

Yes det har jag faktiskt! Är typ helt besatt av de nu, gör inlägg hella tiden haha :)

Ny bild från Skateland

Har för mig att jag inte har sett denna bilden innan... den är från filmen Skateland iaf ;)


Dagens bild

Nya designen är uppe!

Nu har den nya designen kommit upp! Tack så himla mycket Natahlie för den jättefina designen! Jag blev supernöjd & hoppas ni gillar den med.

Ser du inte den nya designen? Tryck F5 för att uppdatera!

Vad tycker ni om den nya designen?

Top 100 Most Anticipated Films

Det verkar som att alla Ashleys kommande filmer är med på någon lista över de mest förväntansfulla filmerna 2011! Ja, jag ser i alla fall jättemycket framemot dem alla ;)


Director: Jim Field Smith
Writer(s): Jason Micallef
Producers: Michael De Luca, Jennifer Garner, Juliana Janes and Alissa Phillips
Distributor: The Weinstein Co.

The Gist: Set in a small Midwest town, this follows a young orphan who named Destiny, after being adopted by a Midwestern family, discovers she has an uncanny talent for butter-carving. She eventually finds herself up against the ambitious wife (Garner) of the retired reigning champion in a town’s annual butter-sculpting contest...(more)

Cast: Rob Corddry, Jennifer Garner, Ashley Greene, Kate Hudson, Hugh Jackman, Alicia Silverstone, Olivia Wilde and Yara Shahidi.

List Worthy Reasons…: We’re big on this top BlackList screenplay (# 3 in 2008) and think this might turn out to be a Best in Show type of movie-going experience as it is heavy on the obsessive compulsive competitive folks we sometimes find in middle America. Strong ensemble cast could make these nutty characters a joy to watch, and could pan out to translate well on film depending all on the overall tone.

Release Date/Status?: The film is complete – Weinsteins will weigh their options. Summer release would be fitting.

Btw, reta oss mer eller? När kommer de första bilderna från Butter ut egentligen?? ;o


Dagens bild

En till Skateland poster

10 Best Dressed Celebrities of 2010

Ashley är på Betty's lista över de bästa klädda 2010. Ashley kom på plats #2 efter Taylor Swift som kom etta. Se hela listan här.

Oh yeah, she’s got a JoBro for a boyfriend, but that’s not why she’s on the list. Ashley loves clothes, and they love her. She’s not afraid to take fashion chances on the red carpet-wearing a high necked mini dress from Valentino for instance. She’s got a bod that can carry any style, no matter how fashion forward it is. Maybe Leighton ought to study Ashley to see how to do it right.


Har ni sett..

.. denna bilden innan? Inte jag! Kom över den precis på tumblr och blev lite överraskad att jag inte sett den innan, haha :) Någon som vet vilken photoshoot den är ifrån?


Ny/gammal fanbild

Denna bilden togs när Ashley spelade in The Apparition!


Ny filmposter för Skateland

Det har släppts en ny filmposter för Skateland! Bilden har vi sett tidigare men inte som poster ;)

LOL trailer 23 februari?

Lite rykten cirkulerar runt om på internet om att den officiella trailern till LOL: Laughing out Loud kommer släppas den 23 februari! Filmen sägs ha premiär den 22 april i USA! Men inget är ännu bekräftat dock.


Tom Felton pratar om Ashley

Tom Felton från Harry Potter och även Ashleys medspelare i The Apparition nämnde henne i en intervju med MTV:

"I was hugely excited about working with her [on "Apparition"], and her talent was exceptionally easy to notice very quickly. One of the first scenes I saw her do, she was in a very sort of panicky state and she jumped straight into it after lunch. It was amazing to see."

MTV: Have you seen any finished scenes from "Rise of the Apes" or "Apparition" yet?

Tom Felton: They have been very, very tight with both films. I've seen maybe half a scene of "Apparition." We were doing some [audio work] for that, and it looked great. It looked really beautiful, the way it was shot.


Dagens bild

Första reaktionerna på LOL!

Nu i veckan var det en testvisning av Ashleys kommande film LOL: Laughing out Loud i Huntington Beach, Kaliforninen och en del personer fick chansen att se den! Här är några av deras reaktioner;

- I just thoroughly enjoyed a Miley Cyrus movie. "LOL" was surprisingly enjoyable. And it being free made it better.

- There are no words to describe LOL: laughing out loud. I laughed, I cried, I envied their outfits, and learned so much. What else could I ask for? & Austin Nichols being in it was icing on da cake.

- LOL was truly amazing. The thought of having to wait till October to see again is painful.

- ..still thinking about LOL, still can't stop smiling.

- gf just took me 2 a movie screening. OMG I'm in love w/ the characters & the movie "LOL"..ahhh! :) <3 Demi Moore & Douglas Booth! it was super good. I love the style, the story bc its modern, I recommend watching it.

- i just watched a movie premier its called LOL with miley cyrus its really funny i don't know when it comes out.

- Just got out of the movie can't spoil it sorry guys but it was really !!!! :)

- Ommg watched the advance screening of LOL with emily at bella terra! twas amazeballllzzz

Guuud, jag vill se den nuuuuu! :D


Ashley Greene: Födelsedagsprojekt

Jag har faktiskt själv tänk på att ordna ett litet födelsedagsprojekt till Ashleys 24 års dag, men jag har helt enkelt inte haft tiden att tänka så mycket på det & ordna allt. Men @AshleyGreeneArgentina på twitter har ordnat ett sådant projekt där man kan skicka in en grattishälsning till Ashley eller en bild etc. Då tyckte jag att det var en bra idé att dela med mig av det till er, ifall ni skulle vara intresserade!

Projektet & regler:

Som ni vet, den 21 februari fyller Ashley Greene 24 år, och jag vill göra något åt henne. Jag kommer att sätta ihop en video till hennes födelsedag, där kommer vara bilder av henne, medelanden från hennes fans, lite videos osv. Så, jag vill att ni skickar in eran present till Ashley. Det kan vara:

- En bild på henne, editerad av dig med en grattishälsning.
- En bild på dig där du kanske håller upp en bild där det står "Happy Birthday Ashley".
- En video där du önskar henne grattis. (Den får inte vara längre än 20 sekunder)

Du kan endast skicka in ett bidrag per person till:
Du ska ha med namn, ålder, nationalitet (vilket land du är från) & Twitter.
Jag kommer sedan att göra allt jag kan för att visa videon för Ashley!

Naurligtvis är det engelska som gäller, både i videon & på allt det du skriver så att Ashley kan förstå!

Du kan skicka in ditt bidrag till och med den 18 januari.

Todd Lincoln pratar The Apparition

Regissören till den kommande skräckfilmen The Apparition, Todd Lincoln, var på Horror Comic-Con 2009 och han pratade lite kort om filmen! (Han pratar i början)


Sebastian Stan pratar om Ashley

Sebastian Stan som spelar med Ashley i The Apparition, är också med på MTV New's 11 to Watch in 2011 precis som Ashley och i hans intervju pratar han lite om filmen och om Ashley.

MTV: Let's talk "Apparition" for a minute.

Stan: It was amazing, We were all included creatively in the process. Todd Lincoln, who wrote and directed it, wanted that. We had rehearsal time when we could come together and sometimes rewrite things for the better. We had time to improvise and see what we were missing. We discovered a lot of stuff that way. Both Tom and Ashley are coming from such huge franchises themselves, they've sort of experienced every corner of celebrity or hype, so I kind of felt like I was more on the sidelines to that.

MTV: Don't sell your time on "Gossip Girl" short!

Stan: Oh no, never! I'll always be grateful for that show. The exposure for me has been huge.

MTV: Where does this one fall in terms of tone?

Stan: To me, it was a mixture of "The Strangers" and "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and "Poltergeist." Todd had a huge list of movies he wanted us to watch. We saw how horror was done in the '70s, '80s, '90s into today. It's definitely more psychological than just "get scared!"

MTV: That's kind of like "Black Swan." There are horror elements, psychological-thriller elements.

Stan: Yeah, I think a lot of "Apparition" is similar to that. As an audience, you're trying to figure out if something is happening or if you're a witness in somebody's dark thoughts.

MTV: Most people are used to seeing Ashley in her "Twilight" world. What are people going to be surprised about when they see "Apparition"?

Stan: It's different than how anybody has seen her before. Both of our characters are very simple, relatable kids. Just to finally play somebody who's more relatable rather than a vampire, somebody with flaws and dreams and goals and is struggling with life — that's amazing. These kids don't know what they want to do with their lives, just that they want to start living a simple life. There are great arcs in the characters and the story lines, and it's going to be great for people to see her play that out.


Dagens bild

MTV's 11 to watch for in 2011 intervju!

Nu i veckan skrev MTV att Ashley är på deras MTV New's 11 to Watch in 2011! De fick också chansen att göra en liten intervju med henne över mejl där hon svarar på några frågor som jag tror väldigt många skulle vilja ha svaret på! Bland annat pratar hon om LOL och Miley Cyrus och sedan om Breaking Dawn. Bra intervju! Notera dock att videon är från i sommras då hon gjorde promotion för Eclipse.

Movie Trailers - Movies Blog

Ashley Greene has spent the first days of 2011 doing martial-arts training. If we didn't know she was gearing up for some vampire fisticuffs in "Breaking Dawn," we might say the 23-year-old is getting ready to kick, punch and otherwise pound into submission the next 12 months. Because after years spent as a beloved supporting player in the "Twilight" franchise, Greene is set to take her turn in 2011 as one of the series' breakout stars.

The year begins with the debut of the Sundance indie "Skateland," an '80s coming-of-age tale. Then it's on to "LOL," a comedy in which she stars as a bad girl opposite Miley Cyrus. And don't forget about "The Apparition," a supernatural thriller that brings "Twilight" together with "Harry Potter" (Tom Felton) and "Gossip Girl" (Sebastian Stan), and the ensemble comedy, "Butter." Oh, yeah — plus the first part of "Breaking Dawn."

Yep, it's going to be a big year for Greene. That's why we've named her as one of MTV News' 11 to Watch in 2011. During a break from the "Breaking Dawn" set in Louisiana, the actress answered some questions via e-mail, hitting on subjects like working with Cyrus, her most anticipated "Breaking Dawn" scene and what it was like to see Kristen Stewart as a vampire.

: 2011 is shaping up to be a big year for you, coming off all the "Twilight" exposure and now having some prominent roles in "The Apparition," "LOL" and a bunch of other projects coming down the line. Does 2011 feel like it's going to be a particularly big year?

Ashley Greene
: Definitely. I'm very excited for it. While it will be sad to finish filming the last installment of "The Twilight Saga," I'm grateful to have so much to look forward to. There's so much going on and so many wonderful opportunities popping up for 2011, and somehow I feel very Zen right now — I'm in a good place!

: Do you have any goals for the year beyond what you're already doing? What would you like to look back on at the end of the year and say, "I'm glad I accomplished that"?

: "Twilight" and my upcoming projects have given me an amazing platform. I'm looking forward to doing as many diverse projects and roles as I can fit in this year! I'm also looking forward to continuing to make strides with mark's m.powerment campaign; it's important to me that I use my voice to inspire my young, female fans to pursue their dreams, just like I did. I'm so thankful for everything in 2010 and am extremely optimistic and excited about how much more can be accomplished this year.

: Let's talk "LOL." We saw a lot of photos of you guys filming on location in Europe. Between "Twilight" fans and Miley fans, did you guys have to deal with a lot of paparazzi and people hanging outside set?

: Miley is a phenomenon — she's accomplished so much in the movie, TV and music worlds that it's not surprising how much attention was attracted during filming. But we're both professional and understand that we're there to do our jobs. Work was our number-one priority, and everything else was background.

: You've become a fashion icon in young Hollywood, and your "LOL" character certainly has a distinctive fashion style. Did you get to pick out any of your outfits? Keep anything? Become inspired by any of those looks?

: I definitely have a say in them, but it's more about what fits my character than me personally. In "LOL," my character, Ashley, wears some pretty outrageous and provocative outfits that I'd never wear in real life! With Alice Cullen, we got to draw on Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O inspirations, which is a bit more me.

: While filming "Apparition," did you and Tom Felton ever compare notes about "Harry Potter" and "Twilight" fans?

: Not so much comparing the fans as acknowledging how incredible they are. We are both so lucky to be a part of franchises that have ignited such a passion in young people. Very few actors get to be a part of that experience, so it's humbling.

: What "Breaking Dawn" scene are you most excited to film?

: Most excited to film and see would be the big fight sequence against the Volturi. As a cast, we like to do as many of our own stunts as possible, so it's fun and challenging to shoot those scenes. Jeff Imada, the stunt coordinator, is such a blast to work with as well. I'm learning so much from him.

: Tell us about Bill Condon's style on set. How does he differ from prior "Twilight" directors?

: "There's no way to describe what it's like working with Bill Condon except incredible! He is so professional, patient and a fantastic leader. I get excited going to set every day knowing I get to work with him. Each director has brought such a different energy and perspective to the films. Bill is very relaxed and authoritative, in a good way. I feel very comfortable working with him.

: Kristen Stewart said at the People's Choice Awards that she filmed some scenes as a vampire. What was your reaction to seeing Kristen as a vamp?

: Glad to have her officially join the Cullen family!


Ny video + bilder för mark!!

Det har släppts en ny nehind the scenes video med Ashley som hon gjorde precis innan liveintervjun med mark. för någon månad sedan där hon pratar om vad dem pratade om i intervjun & om mark. Några nya bilder från behind the scenes från photoshooten finns också ute! Gud vad vacker hon är!! ♥♥

Och självklart så får Marlow vara med på ett litet hörn också.. ;)

Videokälla & bildkälla


Dålig kvalité på bilden, menmen..

Pretty Girl

Bild på Ashley & Jessica Szhor

Haha gullig! Dem mössorna ser jättesköna ut ju! :D


Ashleys hårstylelist delar med sig!

Haha, vilken bara rubrik.. Ashleys hårstylelist Ted Gibson delar med sig om hur dem gjorde Ashleys hår under plåtningen för Cosmopolitan!

I’m so excited to talk to you about the Cosmopolitan cover I did with my girl Ashley Greene for the magazine’s January 2011 issue.  First, courtesy of the inimitable celebrity colorist Jason Backe, the starlet’s hair is darker, giving it a sultry a cherry coke vibe. So, being as this is Cosmopolitan, it’s all about sexy, sexy locks and the best way to get that is length. We matched extensions to her new shade, but a bit darker. Then, we began with a great blow-out with my Build-it Blow-drying Spray. Next, I used a large curling iron to style her mane.

However, Cosmopolitan has actually changed up the way they do their covers. We kept the hair a bit less big than ush. I thought Ashley would look stunning with a side-part, so we did it up that way, and naturally employed a wind machine. The effect? Big, but not as big as the former Cosmopolitan covers. They want to change their aesthetic, but evidently they’re into doing it slowly. It’s a marathon, beauties. Not a race.


Angående uppdateringen

Nu är det ju så att jag börjar skolan imorgon och eftersom jag gör första året på gymnasiet så vill jag verkligen satsa på skolan. Därför kanske det inte blir lika snabba uppdates & lika mycket inlägg per dag. Men jag ska gör mitt bästa endå och ska försöka hålla en 'balans'  mellan skola och bloggande. Tur så går jag faktiskt bara halvdagar i skolan så jag får lite mer tid över till annat än till bara pluggande!

Men hoppas ni kikar in här endå, för snart kommer en ny design upp också! ;)

Ashley's Style

skickade in den här outfiten till Ashley's Style, som Ashley bar på MTV Movie Awards 2009.

"Klänningen är gansa enkel men riktigt fin då jag älskar mönstret på den. Dessutom ser hon så glamourös ut med håret!"

Tycker det var kul av Ashley att ha håret på ett annorlunda sätt, vilket också lönade sig - det var jättesnyggt! Och den gula kuvertväskan sätter en bra färgglimt till outfiten, tycker jag!

Vad tycker ni, hiss eller diss?

På Whole Foods i Baton Rouge

En tjej twittra om att hon såg Ashley och Joe på affären Whole Foods i Baton Rouge igår (8 jan). Alltså, tänk om man bara hade sett dem helt så random? Vet tusan vad jag hade gjort, haha!


Bilder: Joe&Ash träffa Winston

För inte så länge sedan la jag upp en video när Ashley och Joe träffade Joes nya hund Winston för första gången & nu har det kommit ut lite mer footage & bilder från den dagen!

Ni kan se alla bilderna här!

haha, alltså den hunden är för gullig! ♥


Dagens bild

Ashleys tips till Jessica Szohr!

Förra året var ju Ashley ansiktet utår för Sobe Lifewater's sommar kampanj och hon fick då fotas i en påmålad 'baddräkt'. Slutresultatet blev jättesnyggt men själva procesen tog sin tid - att måla på baddräkten tog över 11 timmar! Sobe's ansikte utåt detta året är ingen mindre än Ashleys vän Jessica Szohr från Gossip Girl! Hon berättar i en intervju med MTV att hon ringde Ashley om tips att posera i den påmålade baddräkten!

"She warned me that it takes a very long time, and it was 11 hours," Jessica said of the body-painting process. "[Ashley] goes, 'Don't worry. When you lay down you can take naps and all that.' And I certainly did.'"

MTV Shows



Bilder från Los Angeles flygplats

Fler bilder från när Joe lämnade Ashley på flygplatsen i Los Angeles i söndags när hon skulle åka till Baton Rouge;


Nya mark. outtakes!

Flera bilder från mark. har släppts! Och Ashley är såklart lika vacker som alltid ♥


Eclipse vann på PCA

I går/natt sändes galan People's Choice Awards och The Twilight Saga Eclipse var nominerad i flera kategorier. Dem vann priset för Best Drama Movie, Favorite Movie och Rob, Kristen och Taylor vann priset för Favorite On-Screen Team samt som Kristen Stewart vann för Favorite Movie Actress. Grattis! :D

Ashley twittrade;

“Thank you to EVERYONE who voted for Eclipse at the Peoples Choice Awards! Its safe to say we have the most devoted amazing fans ever! Xo.”

Kellan & Ashley ute i Baton Rouge

För några dagar sedan sågs Ashley och Kellan Lutz på affären Whole Foods i Baton Rouge, Louisiana där dem köpte lite yoga grejer. Det verkade också som om dem kommit direkt från gymmet! Träning inför Breaking Dawn eller bara träning för nöjets skull?  Tyvärr finns det inga bilder..

The self-proclaimed best friends got in a workout and some last minute grocery shopping after their first day back on the Baton Rouge, La, ‘Breaking Dawn’ set!

Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz aren’t only gym rat besties, they’re “produce” BFFs! The 23-year-old Twilight starlet was spotted flying from Los Angeles to Baton Rouge, La., on Jan. 5, leaving her beau Joe Jonas behind, but luckily she landed in the arms of her best friend and Breaking Dawn costar Kellan Lutz! spoke with two women who saw the actors shopping at their local Whole Foods around 9:30pm, and they couldn’t believe their eyes!

“We were checking out and my friend Kathleen said, ‘the guy next to us looks like Kellan Lutz,’” Erin Welther, a native of Baton Rouge tells HL. “They were only picking up a few things, but my friend said she saw Kellan buying a yoga box!”

Ashley and Kellan were dressed down in their workout gear and weren’t trying to go unnoticed!

“They looked like they had just come from the gym,” Erin says. “Kellan had on a hat but when we were walking to our car we even saw them talking to fans!”

This sounds a lot like when Ashley and Joe were spotted shopping together at Fresh Market in Baton Rouge, La., they stopped to talk to fans too! The Breaking Dawn cast have to be the fan friendliest film group ever- yay guys!


Dagens bild


Aw ni läsare är underbara ni ♥
Fick besöksrekord igår (5/1), tack! Keep going så kanske en liten överrsakning snart dyker upp.. ;)

Most anticipated movies of 2011

Både Ashleys kommande skräckfilm The Apparition och komedin Butter kom med på listor över de mest förväntansfulla filmerna 2011! The Apparition kom med på's lista över det mest förväntansfulla skräckfilmerna & Butter kom med på The Playlists lista.

The Apparition (August 20, 2011)

Todd Lincoln, the man who was behind the Hack/Slash movie for so long, makes his feature directorial debut with this tale of college students whose lives are screwed by a malevolent, supernatural entity. While discussing Hack/Slash, Lincoln waxed eloquently about his "vision" for that film. I have no doubt Lincoln put an equal amount, if not more, love into Apparition which is said to be in the vein of The Entity or Poltergeist.

Butter” - The Weinstein Company - dir. Jim Field-Smith

Synopsis: In a small Iowan town, the year is dominated by the annual butter-carving competition. An African-American orphan makes an enemy of the wife of the reigning champion when she discovers a talent for the form.

What You Need To Know:
One of the highest-placed scripts in the 2008 Black List, this dark comedy (supposedly a political allegory) from debut writer Jason Micallef—who was inspired after breaking into a refrigeration room housing butter sculptures after his car broke down on a road trip through Iowa one year—has seen all kinds of names circle it; Kate Hudson and Jim Carrey were both linked to the film, as was “Lars and the Real Girl” director Craig Gillespie. The latter was replaced by “She’s Out of My League” helmer Jim Field-Smith, while the cast is made up of Jennifer Garner, “Modern Family” MVP Ty Burrell, Olivia Wilde, Hugh Jackman, Rob Corddry, Ashley Greene, Alicia Silverstone and Yara Shahidi. Garner also produces for the first time, and having shown a mostly strong taste in material in the past and having gathered a starry cast around her, we’re looking forward to this.

Release Date: TBD

Källa, källa via källa


Nytt på

Eftersom vi nu är inne på ett helt nytt år, så tänkte jag att bloggen också skulle behöva en ny fräsh start! En ny design kommer komma upp snart & lite andra smågjejer. Men jag behöver eran hjälp. Vad vill ni se på sidan? Vad kan jag göra för förbättringar? Saknar ni något som ni skulle vilja att jag tog in? Bomba mig med era förslag bland kommentarerna - jag behöver verkligen era åsikter!

Bild på Ashley från nyår

En till bild på Ashley & hennes vänner från nyår har kommit ut. Dem verkade ha kul ;)

Kramar Joe vid LAX

En ny bild från i söndags då Ashley var på flygplatsen LAX i Los Angeles;

Dagens bild

Fan träffade Ashley & Joe

Ett fan berättar om när hon träffade Ashley och Joe på hennes hotell i Disney World;

 I met Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene on December 29, 2010 at my hotel in Disney World! They were so nice, I saw them walking onto the elevator and I ran over and said 'Joe! I'm so sorry to bother you guys but can I please take a picture with you!' He said 'Yeah sure, come stand in the middle of us!' They were standing there for about two minutes because my dad couldn't find the camera and I kept saying 'I'm really sorry!' and Joe kept saying 'no it's fine don't worry!' Ashley didn't really say anything but when I was walking away Joe said 'Enjoy the rest of your vacation and Happy Holidays!' - Nikki


Dagens bild


Omröstningen för december månad är avslutad och här är resultaten;

Alltså så vann 'Drama' med 18 av 52 röster! :)

Btw, som ni kanske har märkt, så har omröstningen tagits bort från sidan - av den enkla anledningen att jag inte kommer på några fler frågor. Men ni kommer också att märka inom kort att en del förändringar kommer ske på sidan. Håll utkik! ;)

Ashley i ryska Cosmopolitan!

Inte nog med att hon är på omslaget att amerikanska Cosmopolitan, utan Ashley är även på omslaget av den ryska Cosmopolitan! Med helt nya bilder också! Me like ^^


Påväg till Baton Rouge

Igår (2 jan) var Ashley på LAX flygplatsen i L.A för att åka till Baton Rouge i Louisiana! Antar att det betyder att Breaking Dawn-castets jullov är över? ;)


En till bild från nyår

Ashley & Joe träffar Winston!

Denna video är så gullig, haha! Det är när Ashley och Joe var och träffade Joes nya hund Winston för första gången. Ashley verkar vara en så underbar person :) <3


Bild från nyår

En bild på Ashley och Joe med vänner på nyår :)

Dagens bild

Mer bilder från mark.

En del nya bilder på Ashley finns med i den nya mark. katalogen! Vissa har vi sett innan men en del är helt nya!

Tack Karolina för tipset!

10 Young Actors to Watch in 2011

Ashley är med på Moviehole's lista över 10 Young Actors to Watch in 2011! Ashley kom på #10:e plats :)

10. Ashley Greene

Like quite a few, young Ashley Greene earned her stripes as part of the ensemble cast of the ‘’Twilight’’ franchise. In 2011, she’ll again play sparkly eyed Alice Cullen (in ‘’Breaking Dawn’’) but she’s also the female lead in two incongruent flicks, ‘’Skateland’’ – a coming-of-age dramedy set in the ‘80s – and ‘’The Apparition’’, a new horror flick from producer Joel Silver. Beauty and Genuine Talent seems to go a long way in this industry, so expect to hear more from Ashley Greene over the next few years.


Video från LAX flygplats

Video från när Ashley & Joe landade på LAX flygplats i L.A i veckan. Alltså hur står dem ut med alla blixtrar som är all up in their face? Jag beundrar dem haha ^^ 

Premiere nightclub

I torsdags var ju Ashley ute med Joe på nattklubben Premiere i L.A. Här är några bilder från kvällen;

Getting an early start to the weekend New Year's celebrations, Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas were spotted out clubbing in Hollywood on Thursday night (December 30).

The cute couple ventured over to Premier Nightclub, as they joined fellow revelers including Rachel Leigh Cook for an evening of drinks and conversation at the popular Tinseltown night spot.


Ashleys new years eve

Haha, ja som några rykten rådde så trodde vissa att Ashley och Joe skulle fira nyår i Las Vegas. Men nope, så var det inte! Dem firade med familj och vänner :)

Headed to sleep after an amazing new years gathering with Friends and fam. This year has been so unbelievable and I'll never forget it. Thank you to everyone who believed in me and loved me throughout 2010! I'm so SO excited for what 2011 has to hold. Happy 2011 everyone! Xo

I keep hearing we are going to Vegas? Sounds awesome if it were true haha

Gammal bild

- Äldre inlägg hittas vid respektive månad under "Arkiv" till vänster.

Hoppa upp till bloggens topp!

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